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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 14th October 2016



Diwali's coming

And so is our 2nd Event which will be Diwali themed this time!


  • We need a name!!!

    • The only suggestion is ‘Night of Lights’

    • Any other suggestions?

  • The games we play…

    • Charades, Pictionary, Trivia

    • Antakshari/Karaoke

    • Any other bright ideas?

  • Food

    • Let the chaos begin… start suggesting!


  • Decorations Galore!

    • Diyas in front of the building

    • Rangoli on Cardboard/Ground

    • Does someone have equipment for Arati?

    • Fresh flowers to really bring the mood?

    • Dedicated photo booth


We need your help to really pull this off!

Water stops!

So that our runners don’t…

  • Can’t stress this enough, please sign up to help out your comrades!

  • We will need more people in the coming weeks

  • We need 2-3 people in each location

Concessions stands
  • Thanks to the volunteers who are toiling away today…

  • Emergency concession stand tomorrow morning for a football game

    • Sign up if you can, help out your folks

    • Football games are a HUGE source of money

  • Only 3 more after this

    • October 26th, Wednesday

    • October 28th, Friday

    • November 18th, Friday

  • We will also try the Commencement concession stand



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