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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 15th July 2015


1. Meeting about GT charter organization (15th July 6pm Geet and arka) :

  • name can have GT in end , not front

  • Anu said its easier if checks come for Asha for education instead of Asha for Education- GT , so maybe make the name as just “Asha for education”, drop the GT in end

  • Constitution of older Asha should be there with GT or with Anu else would have to edit something GT would send


Faculty/staff advisor and 10 email ids where they would email and confirm if they are members of organisation.


Being student organization we can

-reserve some rooms near Subway student center commons (GT Leading edge office) - Pine room, Spring room

-apply for bills, SGA, RHA, GT student foundation

-get rooms for Free if events supported by SGA (

We maintain no hierarchy structure within our volunteers. Just for GT’s chartering needs we need to put people in positions. (Okay with this?)


2. GRADEXPO : Asha write-up poster 

also  To talk to more volunteers


Asha general video : ( is a better resolution available?)

Asha silicon valley video : 

To show at Gradexpo with a laptop/tablet and the huge Poster from Jason’s Deli (Or print full poster?)

Link for running donation page - Asha example GT alum Iman Mukherjee

shorter URL :


3. Aarohi (Indian classical music student organization at GT) (19th July 1pm Geet and Arka)

Aarohi mission 1) give platform to youth performers

2) spread indian classical music to more people

-Cannot happen in August as 17th-21st 1st week classes people very busy, then need atleast 3-4 weeks to publicise. So End September is the earliest they can hold.


1st point means they would not want to stage Gokul+Sourya as they have done it once. Maybe With some other performers, Gokul and Sourya can play (Aarohi would talk to them).

2nd point means they keep mostly free for students, but some tickets for non GT/non student to cover their costs as in Khayaal (they got SGA funding which requires that if student ticket is 5$ , non student ticket has to be very high like 30$) , so they made free for GT student+staff/faculty, and 15$ for outside people.

Is this different from what Asha might want ? or Asha might be okay to keep free for student and ticket for others?


If they tie up with Asha they prefer :

-hall reserving fees by Asha (which they say are low, 40$ for 4 hours student center theatre or free if SGA supports written here )

-equipment they have their own

-performers they would contact

-ticketing they would do (they have done this for Khayaal )


Example of ticketed concert Aarohi helped to stage (please note in this case organized by ICMS- Aaorhi just spread the word/publicity:


-marketing they do themselves by FB -they want Asha to help with spreading the word

-on day of event, stage and setup - they do not need Asha volunteers, they have friends, etc to help. We are welcome to join to help them too.

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