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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 15th September 2016



Cooking sign ups

Sign up, sign up, sign up!

Meet with your team and figure out what we
need to get


Games needed

We need more Catan boards

Special request for Carcassonne,
Splendor, Taboo, Carrom,
Dominant Species


A rundown

  • Setup begins at 4 pm

  • We will move the ping pong board
    and also the pool table if not
    enough people are interested

  • We will keep one table inside
    Move the other one out for signup

  • Volunteers sign up for duties

  • Photography stall


Have direction posters

Fliers in color

Instructions for games

Sign up sheet for volunteers (can club with donation sheet)

Contact number in FB page and also directions to GLC

Laptops for sign up and square device



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