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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 19th August 2016



Grad expo:

What went well?

What can we do better?

Add humongous list of sign ups into the google mailing lists


Meet and greet

10th and Home, Activity Room, August 27th, 5 pm

  • Make cover photo and launch FB page tonight

  • Food

  • Games, Activities

  • Sign up sheet on spot

  • Anu or Tapo to give speech about Asha and inspire people

  • How long should it be? 2-3 hours?


Other points

  • Please arrange meeting minute docs according to folders and Rename files to have better indexing

  • Folder name : {Semester} {Year} (e.g. Fall 2016)

  • File name: Asha GT Meeting Minutes {YYYY-MM-DD} (e.g. Asha GT Meeting Minutes 2016-08-19


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