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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 19th August 2018



 Abhyuday Mandal

 Anish Mukherjee

Anusha Harish

Agniva Roy

Dhwanil Shukla

Shruti Lall

Shashidhar Ravishankar

Ipsita Mohanty

Adwait Mane

Prasoon Suchandra


 Caring crowd Shashi launched caring crowd campaign. Shared with CDC and other contacts.
  How to do the email campaign?Anish: MailChimp as new platform for emails. Some fee required for >1000 contacts (or something like that).
   Shashi: Atlanta alumni – main source of fund raisers.
  Who’s designing?Anish to take care of formatting, Shashi to take care of the spiel.
   Target: $1500 in 3 months. Social-media based fund-raising will complement emails and word-of-mouth advertising. And caring crowd has the matching option.

Abhyuday: What is the fund-raising is through Asha-wide / central team?


Shashi: It’s meant for an Atlanta-based project (Divya Jyoti).

   Abhyuday: Why a particular project is being targeted?

Shashi/Anusha: Caring crowd required details of the project before the campaign is launched. That’s why it’s a chapter-specific. However, other chapters can help spread the message about it.


Abhyuday: This caring crowd seems similar to WAH campaign.


Shashi: Yes! In fact if we are successful with this caring crowd campaign, this can be a good model for the central team / Asha-wide. Indeed, we should think/plan about its future implementations while the current campaign is going on.

   Anish: Central team is about to start the fund-raiser for Kerala floods. This might affect the caring crowd campaign.
   Shashi/Anish/Anusha: Though the caring crowd campaign will be launched in early September, for first month we can focus more on the Kerala fund-raiser. Then in 2nd and 3rd months, focus more on the caring crowd.
2.Platforms for effective communicationsWhy the need?Because things get lost on WhatsApp message threads. These platforms would help streamline resources and planning.
   Two options: Slack and Microsoft team. GT students have access to Microsoft team premium versions, however some GT official needs to make someone from Asha an admin. Shashi is going to talk to his department coordinator regarding the same. Slack’s trial version has some limitations on number of messages/files. Shashi going to give a brief tutorial on both these apps (mobile-versions also available). Anish going to give a tutorial on MailChimp and Canva.
3.Meet n' GreetMarketingEmails sent to all Asha Atlanta volunteers and runners, and FASET and GradExpo signups. Event announced via Facebook (page and group), Instagram and WhatsApp groups (Volunteer, Social, Running).

Print flyers (Prasoon) and distribute at the following places:

    • Campus and GLC/TAH: Anish and Agniva (contact Sunil for TAH/GLC)

    • Local, Exchange and Steelworks: Ipsita

    • M-St and 935 M: Prasoon



  • Last year’s budget around $40-50

  • Items: Bhuja/jhaal moodhi (do it yourself style), chips and salsa/cheese/sour cream, drinks: Ipsita, Agniva and Akshaya to make detailed ingredients list by mid Wednesday (based on ~ 60 people attending) so that items’ procurement can begin, along with plates/spoons/cups etc

  • 1033 Tumlin B3 a.k.a Asha HQ to serve as cooking hot-spot

  • Prasoon to get candies/chocolates for the event



    • All previous year’s documents can be found under Events folder on AshaGT Google drive (under 2018 Fall as well as previous semester folders)

    • Reach the venue by 5:00 pm, arrange stuff, minor decorations, get the posters up, cooking might need to begin before that

    • Signup form includes: name, email, phone, undergrad/masters/PhD (degree), dept, where are they from, where do they stay, and interests – Prasoon responsible

    • Shashi/Anusha/Shruti to get name-tags

    • 6:30-7 pm: Bingo (need to modify previous versions) - Dhwanil and Prasoon

    • 7-7:30: Trivia (themes: education, Atlanta etc) + food . Shashi/Anusha/Shruti to come up with trivia Qs.

    • 7:30: Asha Atlanta presentation begins (Prasoon making slides, project slides by Anusha)

      • Video

      • Introduce Asha

      • Overview of projects, indicate to project posters and relevant persons to ask questions

      • Site visit talks from Adwait and Agniva

      • Our fund-raising activities (running, events, concessions, online fundraisers, B’day fundraisers)

      • Introduce the team

      • Announce to expect an email about meeting times

      • Transition into Qs and As …. Keep it interactive. Invoke questions.

    • End with the announcement that talk to each other, enjoy, we might play some games, and order pizza or go to Rocky Mountain pizza


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