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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 1st April 2016


Meeting_Minutes_April 1_2016 General meeting

  1. ICGT holi show, tapo wanted to speak, have video, and then ask people to donate on wayout

        We still have to show video, during break or before break

        Flyers with the concession


2. Sarod concert - souryadeep, students 8$, 25% and non student 20$ , 20%, tlaks about other options on ‘where did you hear, Aarohi, Asha for education georgia tech, Vibha, there is other, which is kind of false

3. Individual projects -emails will go out

4. Pi mile - 10 people already , can get 500$

5. Concession stand 29th april and 24th april, we are not doing concession stand near to Athens.  

6. New events - dates 16th Sat -17th april, poll - refreshments, charades/pictionary + food -vegetarian (pulao and raita), or aloo-another veg-rice.

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