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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 22nd August 2017




  1. Prasoon Suchandra

  2. Dhwanil Shukla

  3. Anish Mukherjee

  4. Shashidhar Ravishankar

  5. Shruti Lall

  6. Sudarshan Ghonge (remote)

  7. Mrunal Dehankar (remote)


  1. Dussehra event: Scaling down or continue as it is

  2. Meet n’ Greet

  3. Running program

Last Meeting Follow-up


New Business


  1. Dussehra: Scaling down or as it is?

    1. Sudarshan (scale down): Less performances and costumes, more focus on talks and food. Final say based on Meet n’ Greet. Also, many ppl not expected from Greater Atlanta.

    2. Shruti (scale down): Concern about man-power. Suggested cutting down performances. Dussehra only for Indians, should not be a flagship event.

    3. Dhwanil (scale down): Less time left. Conflict with running program. More project-centric. Concern about flea market. Concern about execs’ and leads’ burnout.

    4. Anish (as it is): Will create a huge reach, esp in Greater Atlanta area. Long-term donors. Also, crowds for cultural events and running program are different. We get more project volunteers from social events, not running program.

    5. Mrunal (as it is): Will create a huge reach, though concerned about man-power.

    6. Prasoon (as it is): Event has already been publicized as a big event.

    7. Shashi (scale down): More cultural events indicate competition with ICGT, which is not healthy. There should be small tasks for volunteers. Also, our events should be project-centric. Flagship event should be same every year, like running program.

    8. Check the present standing of different Dussehra committees.

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