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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 23rd January 2017


Agenda for 23 January 2017 Meeting:


For execs

  1. For running -

    1. GT Pi mile telling runners/volunteers to make a team: Name chosen to register - “Asha for Education GT”

    2. For Pi mile- donation page or not?

    3. Geet to remove the older page

  2. For concessions

    1. Should we ask the class Technology and poverty (10 points for 3 hours service): NOT POSSIBLE because Advisor thinks it would be biased toward a particular organization

    2. Soccer location: Football Stadium

    3. Lead for each concession day from Operations+communication

    4. Who are there in summer (volunteers group)

  3. Events

    1. Room booking for Game night [Feb 4 - 4:00 pm onward], 1st potluck [Feb 12 - 4:00 pm onward] - intimated to Rachit

    2. Room for SLS - 15th March not done, email for SLS

    3. Room for South Indian New year april 8th, and 2nd potluck 15th April

  4. T shirt

    1. T shirt sponsor

    2. T shirt design

    3. Lead time of 1 month

    4. Chart for shirt sizes to volunteers and running

    5. We are not taking money for t shirt if we are getting sponsors

    6. Melissa Moore contact

  5. Game night planning 4th is the event

    1. Talk to volunteers about the tabling

    2. Food

    3. Facebook page

    4. Flyer

    5. Weekly Digest and Daily digest

    6. Melissa Moore

  6. General purpose marketing with data about funded amount

  7. Inventory Location to Logistics Committee.

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