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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 23rd July 2015


Thur July 23 Meeting Love building 3rd floor

attended by: Anu, Geet, Anshuman, Janani, Mayank, Siddharth, Yash, Arka

1)      Asha for Education Intro

  1.  GT Asha in 2005

  2. By 2010-2011, GT chapter died

  3. Then Asha Atlanta came into picture around 2011

  4. 2015 – Revive GT chapter again

2)      Rechartering:

  1. No GT in front of name of the organization, can have GT at end

  2. Faculty/Staff Advisor – Siri Melkote (Staff in ECE) (Possibly)

  3. Treasurer - No donation box; No cash - can have check box

3)      U Florida – Shram Daan as in volunteering for food stand in university games, Marathon

4)      Asha Atlanta – Marathon, Coaches are also available for training For Running Asha Bay Area- Balu Velanki is there to help too


5)      Aarohi discussion

-Cannot happen in August as 17th-21st 1st week classes people very busy, then need atleast 3-4 weeks to publicise. So End September is the earliest they can hold.


If they tie up with Asha they prefer :

-hall reserving fees by Asha (which they say are low, 40$ for 4 hours student center theatre or free if SGA supports written here )

-equipment they have their own

-performers they would contact

-ticketing they would do (they have done this for Khayaal )

Example of ticketed concert Aarohi helped to stage (please note in this case organized by ICMS- Aaorhi just spread the word/publicity:


-marketing they do themselves by FB -they want Asha to help with spreading the word

-on day of event, stage and setup - they do not need Asha volunteers, they have friends, etc to help. We are welcome to join to help them too.

6)      Asha is a volunteer driven organization, so positions and responsibilities would always be shared.  For GT to grant us student organization, we need some names for positions.  POR Nominees

  1.  President                            Tapo, Arka

  2. VP                                          Geet, Mayank

  3. Secretary                             Yash, Siddharth

  4. Treasurer                            Anshuman, Janani

7)    Grad Expo (Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the Clough Commons.) We will divide up 1 hour time slots for each of us to volunteer. (Mayank)

  1. Poster -Letter sheets stuck on the board or need to print the big 

  2. Video on Tablet - if we find Asha intro video

Asha general video : ( is a better resolution available?)

Asha silicon valley video :

Can check-out laptop/tablet from library so that one person can check out the equipment (4 hours max) and anyone else can give it back (Depends on whether we show the video)

c. Give out bookmarks of Asha (Can run a campaign as design the next Asha bookmark and be featured in Asha newsletter thing)


8)    Movie Night eg by UFlorida

  • need to see if we can rent/buy dvd and show large audience, or take permission from movie makers (some other univs have shown old classics like Sholay)

  • movie can be Bahubali (hindi maybe)

  • Maybe food (need to check if GT allows)


9) The GT Sodexo thing for volunteering at food stands is being looked at by Yash (For more information, please visit or email Adam Wesolowski ( This email isn’t working. I’ll try and call him tomorrow.)

Action items long term :

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