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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 28th June 2017



Howey Physics Room N210


  1. Gaurav Batra

  2. Prasoon Suchandra

  3. Anish Mukherjee

  4. Dhwanil Shukla

  5. Matthew Peek

  6. Shashidhar Ravishankar

  7. Mrunal Dehankar

  8. Aditi Paranjpe

  9. Anurad

  10. Anusha

  11. Ajay

  12. Sudarshan


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Find out from SSK about the 25 lakh deficit

  2. Access to Asha projects list for AshaGT volunteers

  3. Prepare a list of areas that AshaGT volunteers can consistently do site visits

  4. Inquire with SSK if they need any support for the assistive technology initiative.

  5. Gender sensitivity training Nishta Vote

  6. Bani’s site visit report

  7. Discuss new projects that AshaGT can take up.


New Business

  1. Discuss the workings of Asha Work an Hour program

  2. Follow up on deadlines for the summer


  1. Dussehra Planning

    1. Food: $5 for veg (for 1 sabzi), may want to have 2 sabzis for slightly more.
      1 Non-veg dish can be catered separately for 80 people. Overall cost to be contained within $6/person.

    2. Decorations: 2 sets of Bow & Arrow acquired, Silver and Golden paper for deco
      Paper & Clay can make stuff for us!

  2. Grad-Expo:

    1. Swag: Order 300? Can be given against donations


Action Items

  1. Contact web team and get wiki login (all, push by execs)

  2. Compile projects list (Shashi and )

  3. Find out from SSK about the 25 lakh deficit (Anusha, Anu)

  4. WAH call on 9th July (All execs, at least Dhwanil or Shashi)

  5. Dussehra:

    1. Sudarshan to look for non-veg catering, 1 more veg sabzi

    2. Contact paper & Clay: Bahni / Anusha

  6. Fill the google map for newcomers by end of this week

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