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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 2nd June 2017


Friday, 06.02.2017

Student Center Room 359



Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Setup detailed deadlines for task listed for Summer 2017.

  2. Finalize requirements for Dussehra event.

New Business

  1. Finalize other events of the semester .


  • Meeting to commence at 6pm Friday, 2nd of June 2017, at Student Center room no. 359.

  • Inform volunteers about the Dussehra event, gather some volunteers.

  • SLS report by 4th (June?).

  • Pre booking for events for the fall 17 - Mrunal.

  • Budget for all events due date by July 1.

  • Get in touch with ICGT for PR around first week of July-  Sudarshan

  • Inventory count by July 2 -  Mrunal

  • Banner space, marketing etc by July 1.

  • Useful info for new students - flyers with food discounts.

  • New document and discuss housing properly.

  • Food discounts in atlanta

  • Constitution amendment

  • Running info session during meet and greet.

  • Food for dussehra by Sudarshan and Shruti.

  • Poster for various projects.

  • Collect volunteer information.

  • Marketing for Dussehra, Anish  by July first week.

  • Possibility of circus folks.

  • Swag for grad expo: Phone wallet, keychain, fridge magnets, bottle openers, sharpie. - Asha - logo on stuff

  • Ask sponsor to give pamphlets

  • Asha GT game night with Halloween theme, Diwali. Hallowali or Deewaleen.


Action Items

  • Book rooms for Asha talks in Clough/Klaus

  • Forming planning committees for various events.

  • Poster and donations for Grad expo table - Sudarshan, Shruti

  • Running program brochure - Sudarshan, Prasoon.

  • How to use buzzfunds for donations.

  • Work on website for runners - including donations. Sudarshan, Harshit

  • Humans of Asha - fb page.

  • Marketing and ticketing website for Dussehra -

  • Timeline for planning committee - Auditions for Dussehra  for various events

  • DJ Natkhat or find someone to DJ.

  • Contact indians in Atlanta

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