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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 2nd September 2016



Welcome new volunteers:

Rite of Initiation:

  • Tell us your Name, Year, MS or PhD, Dept

  • Why did you join Asha GT? (Any answer other than true and pure altruism will not be accepted, though we will make an exception for ‘forced by a friend’)

  • If you were to die and listen eternally to a single song, what will it be?


It's game night!!

Now back to business…

  • Put your votes for the date:
    Sep 17th or Sep 24th?

  • And most importantly, the food

  • So what will we be playing?

  • Start marketing next week


Concession stand:

  • What are the upcoming dates?

  • Volunteers needed!

Extra incentive:
We get all the leftover popcorns and bagels!


Running Program:

  • Running Infossession coming up soon!

  • Training will begin soon!

Even if running’s not your cup of tea, help out by
Volunteering for water stand and race day cheer for marathon runners

Volunteer spotlight:

Congrats Prasoon!

Thanks for all the hard work you put in and for being an
Inspiration for others.

Here, have this cookie




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