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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 30th November 2017



  1. Shashidhar Ravishankar

  2. Anusha Harish

  3. Dhwanil Shukla

  4. Anish Mukherjee

  5. Vinodini Comandur

  6. Prasoon Suchandra


  1. Commencement Concessions: Yet to confirm

Last Meeting Follow-up


New Business


  1. Commencement Concessions:

    1. Yet to confirm from Sodexo

  2. Events for Spring 2018

    1. Talk by Arvind Kuchimanchi (ask Anu about dates)

    2. Game Night: Jan 20

    3. Ugadi (March 18th): Tentative dates, March 10, 31, April 14

    4. Sustainability Jam pushed to Fall 2018?

  3. Asha GT Alumni association:

    1. Shashi & Dhwanil to contact graduating volunteers and graduated

    2. Prasoon will make the form

    3. Alumni network for new students to get guidance, jobs etc.

  4. Running Program:

    1. Peachtree running company on Dec 5th.

    2. Running info session in Spring (Jan 17)

    3. Flyering outside food court + undergrad housing. Flyers ready and printed by start of spring sem (Jan 8th).

    4. Messaging lost runners (Prasoon & Dhwanil) + Shadow


   3.  Vote on Dussehra funds to be used for GVT flood relief effort:

  1. Shashi

  • A total of $2228 was raised during the GT Dussehra event, it was proposed that all the funds raised go towards GVT flood relief effort in Gujarat

  • Vote on whether or not funds raised in Dussehra event be sent for Gujrat flood relief:

    • Yes - 12 (Abhyuday votes YES later via email)

    • No - 0

    • Vote is passed

   4.  Kaylania:

  1. Anu:

  • Budget overview for after school training program

  • They request Rs. 2,99, 700 for classes starting from Jan 2018

  • Total budget divided by 2 as it is only for 6 months

     b.  Anish:

  • Rationale behind having  just 10 students per class, is to make sure that we can help the good performing students manage with the transition to government school

     c. Vote:

Yes -12 (Abhyuday voted YES later via email)

No - 0

Voted to transfer Rs. passed

Action Items

  1. Photos from site visit to Lok Chetana

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