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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 4th May 2018



  1. Udbhav discussion:


Anusha: marketing done. Plasma screen@student center, flyers, weekly and daily digest. Flyering to be done at Clough and Klaus. GT Diversity to help in marketing.

Akshaya: idea about chalking on Skiles walkway. Email sent, no reply.

Food menu: to be finalized by Monday.

Event plan: quiz (questions on cultures) – karaoke – talk about Asha, and AID.

Prasoon to start looking for volunteers for cooking.

Asha Instagram page: For now.

Idea on Twitter: Akshaya – not good idea. Anusha – for projects. Spreading message. Helps in reaching out to base outside GaTech.

  1. MOVE Tabling

MOVE GaTech – organization for community service.

Shashi: Do they expect us to organize service trips?

MOVE email: service hours. Discussion on whether concessions qualify as service.

Dhwanil: Goal – talk about fundraising, running at Tabling event. Objectives communicated to MOVE.

What we need: general poster about Asha. Poster with summary of projects. GT poster. Poster about Nishtha (or 1 old project).

Donation page. Give out swag item.


  1. Summer task list:

    1. Making up to date posters for projects.

    2. Emailing project partners about metrics, photos, videos.

  2. ICGT – Mentoring program partnering

Mentoring people in same departments. Anish has spoken to ICGT, they are open to partnership.

  1. Orgsync – Asha

  2. Asha at GT new execs photos/descriptions – to be updated by 14th April.


  1. Event for graduating volunteers

Anusha – picnic. Mayank – dinner. OR give out souvenir to graduating volunteers on the 14th.

Anish – cut cake for volunteers on the 14th.  


  1. Finding volunteers visiting in summer – figuring out volunteers who can do site visit reports. Possibly talk to potential visitors, have a talk to them about what to look for in site visits.

  2. New Exec Orientations – each exec set up meetings with successors, decide what roles are.



  1. Formal transfer of responsibilities

Prizes, awards transferred to new presidents.


  1. Ways to increase fundraising

From Shashi’s infographic:

Concessions: more money but more effort.

Running: more money, less effort.

Problem: we need to raise more money.

Anusha: mostly same people signing up. Need more new people (for concessions). Not to depend on first-years.

In any case, cannot raise more money through concessions.

Running: newer volunteers did not sign up for the running program. Did not have proper exec position looking after runners. Prasoon: due to weather, did not get many runners.

Karthiga: talk to company for sponsorships.

Dhwanil: more diverse group of runners. Events only for outreach, not fundraising. Only option: ramp up running program. Get more people. Dedicated person to look after runners.

Another option: try to revive NYC chapter. They had all corporate donors.   Trouble with rebooting in NYU same as problem in GT.

Shashi: Try to get into Atlanta. Need to:

  1. Tabling at Decatur for example

  2. Participate in Alpharetta events

Long term events. Anish: can partner with restaurants.

Shashi: Partner with AID. Can benefit if we set up a good model. Best option: get Atlanta volunteers. Conducting subsidized event at GT.

Action item: scouting in greater Atlanta.

Action item: look for sponsorships.

  1. Feedback on UDBHAV

Insufficient data on general feedback form.

Shashi: Need more planning about Dessert.

Anusha: Whoever’s cooking should know the dish. Have some prior experience.

Anish: Trivia great idea, great execution. For next time: Can we break up Asha talk into chunks?

Mayank, Anusha: Not in favour of idea. Disrupts flow.


Discussion on whether Trivia was part of the main theme or an icebreaker.


Should Asha talk be broken up into chunks?


Anish: 15 minutes talk people might get bored. Talk idea: general description.


New event idea(Mayank, Shashi): Trivia based event, intersperse with descriptions from projects. E.g. Region based. Anusha: good model for Meet-n-Greet.


Anusha: In this context, breaking up talk not great idea. Trivia was small event.


  1. Changing Asha @GT on-campus mentor


Arka’s advisor’s wife was mentor. Arka graduating. Problem with having mentor not very interested in Asha.


Idea: getting someone interested in Asha who is more permanent than students. Motivated, involved. Can look after documents. Possibly restart Asha if student involvement and number of volunteers dwindles.


Shiva Teja prof in ISyE. Keen on being involved, doing site visits. Approached us about the philanthropic message.

Dhwanil: Need to talk to person, explain background of Asha.

Shashi: Need to decide, let OrgSync know, vote. Mentor has to be staf/faculty member at GT.

Prasoon: Should we reach out to current mentor? See if she is interested in being on board.


Try to get a mentor who is more involved.


Arka: Mentor should be more involved. Not a young prof who will be busy with work.

Mayank: Mentor should have accountability. Keep the organization working better.


Last mentor: forgot to tell Asha execs about Indian Mela.

Conclusion: Talk to current mentor, communicate expectations now. Understand her general willingness to be involved. (action item)

  1. Signup for Commencement concessions (May 4th, 5th)

Karthiga, Sounok (5th), Akshaya (plus exchange people?)

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