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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 6th March 2017




For execs

  1. Fill up and submit the running liability forms: - scroll down to see 2 PDFs liability, and waiver instructions, Possibly print on Central-PS, bring to weekend run-sign and take picture for records?)

    Print the forms and get them signed before runs - Shashi

  1. For running -

    1. GT Pi mile telling runners/volunteers to make a team: Name chosen to register - “AshaGT”

      1. Post in Asha FB page

      2. Personal Contact

      3. Send email to runner group and volunteer list

      4. Email to SAA

    2. For Pi mile- donation page or not?

    3. Add a new group page for Pi mile race

    E-mail GT Alumni Association for Team Name - Arka

  1. T shirt

    1. T shirt sponsor - finalized

    2. T shirt design - Awaiting sponsor confirmation

    3. Lead time of about a week or two

  2. SLS - DWS

    1. Room for SLS booked for March 16th, Clary Theater, Student Success Center

    2. Discussion with Kristina Chatfield of SLS

      1. General format of the event should be movie first, the panel. Moderator should start the discussion and then open it to the public

      2. SLS has own graphic designer who will help with marketing (contacted him, will discuss by this week - Anish)

      3. Cost of fliers printed by us will be covered

      4. They will cover the cost of movie, marketing and swag. We have around $125 left after paying for movie. No cost covered for food.This will be used to fund t-shirts that will be used as giveaways for people asking questions

      5. Kristina will help with contacting orgs outside the campus

    3. Memento for panelists: GT Souvenir, engraved pen stand,

    4. Info for panelists: Directions to theater, parking (explore options, contact success center and SLS if they validate parking), pickup?, dietary restrictions

    5. Start FB marketing tonight - Add Joannes(you mean James?:p) name

    6. Panel Discussion Topic

      1. Women in STEM: Representation and Work Environment

    7. Marketing

      1. FB event page

        1. Cover photo, sharing in all groups and walls.

        2. Regular updates on the panelists

      2. Fliers

      3. Poster in front of SLS office

        1. Elsewhere?

      4. Ask partner organizations to send emails to their lists

      5. Emailing various communication sources: Melissa Moore, weekly digest, daily digest, other women organizations.


    1. Catering (Shashi’s workforce):

      1. Subway

      2. Publix

      3. Domino’s Pizza

      4. Masti - Chaats

      5. Jack in the Box (something similar)

      6. Chick-Fil-A

      7. Burger King

      8. Contact Anu for contacts - Anish (Done)

      9. Bhojanic

      10. Takorea

      11. Touch??

      12. IKEA

      13. Geet’s Samosa

      14. Popcorn - CANCEL

    2. Moderator

      1. Tapo (confirmed)

      2. Ask for male and female moderator from the Asha GT volunteers

        1. Swantika

        2. Anusha

        3. Vinodhini

        4. Charlene

        5. Samarth

        6. Adwait

        7. Gururaj Shaileshwar

  1. Inventory Location to Logistics Committee.


General Meeting

  1. Game Night feedback

  2. Announce Potluck

  3. SLS / DWS updates?

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