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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting 16th June 2018



  • Call with Sandhya regarding organising Hindi Play at GaTech:

Sandhya: Serious play. We performed at Gwinnet. Looking to perform in October/beginning of November. Have performed at Emory. Last show 300 audience.

Prasoon: Is event going to be ticketed? Rooms charge rent if not ticketed.

Sandhya: Will discuss with team.

Anusha: We are fundraising organisation. How much can you contribute to our cause? Do you expect us to market it?

Sandhya: Pls send details of your organisation, how much you expect. We would like to work with you guys. We will need you to market it. We can create marketing material.

Action items:

1. Room rent, possible rooms.

-> Architecture (Sounok)

-> Rest (Ipsita)

2. Possible collaboration with DramaTech?

3. Send her info about Asha.


  • Sponsorship discussion


  • Events 2018-19

1. Meet - n - greet (Fri, Aug 24 / Fri Aug 31)

2. to-do for Sounok - talk to Ms Sarbari regarding Durga Puja 

3. Concessions - commit 4 people for mandatory games


  • Caring crowd

Document on execs. Look at video.


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