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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting October 3, 2018


Attendees: Mihir, Shashi, Agniva, Matt, Shruti, Sachi, Anish, Yu Jing, Dhwanil, Anusha, Prasoon, Ipsita, Karthiga

  1. Nishtha products
    i) Tabling at Durga puja - Display products, get interest sign up, sell later at Saraswati pujo.
    ii) Discussion - how to use funds. Should send them cost price and send products at a mark-up.
    iii) Possible - sell to a store who sell them
    iv) Tech Walkway ... selling art at GT

  2. Tie up with local restaurants
    Problem: they wanted a minimum number of people showing up with specific flyers, and will only donate 10% of sales to these people. Need to clarify
    Rocky Mountain charity trivia: Easier, as they do not want min number of people. Should definitely go for it. Need to do marketing. Need to prepare one-minute spiel.

  3. Matt: Asha business cards. Might help in outreach. 
  4. Next Social - Game Night / Potluck. 10th November. 
  5. Funds raised through concessions this term : ~ $ 1050.
  6. Funds raised through Ganesh Chaturthi event: ~ $ 800 excluding matching on Caring Crowd portal. Including matching, ~ $ 1400.

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