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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, 18th March 2016


Skype with Abhyuday and Anu with 12 volunteers.


Purpose of the meeting is to vote on the proposed budget for each project including Nishta Jagaran, nistha Night shelter, Hijli, Bharuch (Gujarat) and Kalyaniya.


  1. Nishtha Night Shelter (Baruipur, West Bengal)- night shelter for children of sex workers. 2 hours from Kolkata. Basically run an orphanage, feed, provide shelter and education to these children.
    Budget got passed by all to none.

    Tapo arka,mayank,ananya,aditi, Bahnisikha, Swantika, Janani, Prasoon, Ravi

  1. Nishtha Jagaran(Baruipur,West Bengal)- educate girls of all villages(200) in the area. Provide counselling, supplies, fees upto secondary and higher secondary, fees for Spoken english and computer training.

    Request complete 3 month computer training as opposed to once a week.

    Anu says dichotomy with Nistha about college edu vs computer education

Janani raised point of Jharkhand having similar problems, instead of computers, do handicrafts and sell - one/2 more well versed do marketing and selling, women entrepreneurship

Anu says Nishtha already has such program, 30 years,

But Gujarat has successful in placing these girls. But nishtha has not done it. Baruipur has big bazaar, accounting shops etc, few long distance job opportunities, Girls need to be willing to travel couple hours/move to Baruipur, Asha told that asha will pay for hostel in Baruiupur city, and on weekends go to village home. This year she wants to continue,

    Budget passed by all to none.

    Yes - mayank, aditi,prasoon, ananya, ravi, bani, swantika,janani, Tapo, Arka

All concerns about cottage industry for next meeting

  3.  Hijli Inspiration(Kamarhati) - after school program. For children in slums. Arka has visited. Rent premises, pay salary of teachers, help children with homework after school, try to minimise dropout rate and child labour. Arrange for teachers, supplies. Almost 100% funded by private donors.

Abhyuday: project specific funds form max part for this Hijli project,

Arka:Asha makes sure there is no money laundering.

Budget passes by all to none.

4. Bharuch(Gujarat) -  4 hours drive from vadodara.  Villages don’t have bus road access. Dropout rates increased after 8th grade due to lack of connectivity to schools. Supply bicycles to various villages. Requirement is higher, can increase the budget allocated.

Abhyuday: get annual reports of these projects.

Tapo: disperse everything t projects?

Abhyuday: each chapter can store 1.5 times the amount given to projects in 2 consecutive years. More than that, give to other projects.

Training to teachers to improve quality of education, vocational training, money for bicycles.

Many girls work from home with small business, many girls appointed in district schools as computer teachers.

Budget passed: one vs all.

Abhyuday: Roles for chapter

Chapter co-ordinator: make sure everything is in place.

Project stewards -  be the eyes and ears for Asha chapter for that particular project, to interface with the volunteers/Asha and the NGO. Ask the NGO how was the money spent,



Nishtha Jagaran & Night Shelter: Aditi, Bahnshikha

Bharuch(Gujarat) - Ananya, Mayank.

Kalyania- Anish, Ravi

Hijli - Tapo, Janani


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