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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, 31 May 2018



Agenda: 1. Surpluses in Kalyania budgets

2. FASET Tabling and Brochure


  1. Sounok Sarkar
  2. Anish Mukherjee
  3. Prasoon Suchandra
  4. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  5. Agniva Roy
  6. Mayank Agrawal
  7. Anusha Harish
1Kalyania surplusBackground

Anish: The last two years Kalyania have been reported surpluses and carryovers from the funds we sent them. In three different areas. Last year's was 2 lacs.

SSN surpluses have gone down. Around 20k. Mis-estimation.

Home nursing surplus: 2018-19 is around 1 lac.

Explanation: They started off with idea of two components, junior and senior. Senior was supposed to be with Kalyania Univ. The university thing fell through, but they keep this money because situation is uncertain. If it becomes favourable, they keep taking the surplus so they have it at hand so they can start funding immediately if and when the program can be started. Plus overestimation in # of students, hence food expenses.

Sewing centre: Overestimation in training materials. They had assumed that they would provide training material and the completed material would become Kalyania's property. e.g. in 2016-17 they made shirts in sewing centre for schoolchildren. But in 2017-18 everyone brought their own raw materials, hence overestimation.


Agniva, Shashi, Anusha: But they must be buying the shirts for schoolchildren now? How does enrolment work and why does the mis-estimation occur?

Shashi: Sewing centre has surplus due as they stopped giving raw materials. But how are the products from the sewing centre used?

Anish: Basically we do not understand how SSN and Sewing centre tie together.

They claim all mis-estimation will go down in following years, other than the Home nursing surplus.

Shashi: Why do they keep the surplus rather than using it up? They should use extra money and ask for the money they need. Surplus being carried over year after year, plus overestimating.

They are asking for more money as a contingency requirement.

Anish: It seems they are using the surplus and that is why the funds they are asking for is reducing gradually.

Shashi, Mayank: It seems they are adjusting the surplus corresponding to a single line item with that line item. It could be better if they adjusted the surplus across their projects and use up the surplus.

Anish: It seems they are using up surpluses in other heads and are just keeping the extra money for home nursing

Anusha: As the senior program has not started either in 2016-17 and in 2017-18, the budget should go down anyway in 2018-19, irrespective of adjusting for surplus. They are keeping extra money as contingency if the Kalyania University program starts. Also they have never spent more than 1.3 lacs in Sewing center but continue to estimate a spending of nearly 2.5 lacs.


  Questions and conclusions
  1. SSN looks ok.
  2. Sewing centre they have 1.2 lacs surplus and are adjusting 90k as surplus. Question: But they have never spent above 1.3 lacs and continue to estimate an expenditure of nearly 2.5 lacs.
  3. Home nursing: Whole question about keeping money aside for the second session. Anusha: Why don't they ask us for money if and when that program can start?
2.FASET brochure 

Question about how to fit in sponsors.

Shashi: We can fit in a human interest piece about success stories. Also about projects.

3.Caring Crowd Shashi: Abhirup said we have to make some video. Plus a write-up on Divya Jyoti. A couple of videos on what they do, what Asha does, how we are helping them. Anusha can talk about what they do and what Asha does. 



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