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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, April 2, 2017


Attendees: Anuradha Bulusu (presenting), Tapomayukh Bhattarcharjee, Arkadeep Kumar, Dhwanil Shukla, Anish Mukherjee, Shashidhar Ravishankar, Anusha Harish, Mayank Agarwal, Sandhya Dhalavi

Book-keeping questions:

  • Post box  needed officially, for letters etc. - email to Kelly Cross

Asha 26 conference attendee list updates

  1. Anish 1st

  2. Tapo 2nd

  3. Mayank


Nishtha Night Shelter budget discussion:

  1. Talk about nishtha night shelter - how money is being used

  2. Tapo asks about why only dinner, where is other food- Anu responds that this is just a guideline

  3. Comment from Shashi about why AID stopped funding.

  4. All attendees voted YES to approve requested budget for INR 3,88,000.00 (9 YES, 0 NO)

Nishtha Jagaran budget discussion:

  1. Tuitions and vocational education supports of girls

  2. Excess grant from NY/NJ year before led to last year’s budget request being lower

  3. For 2017, English teacher salary is the only thing new, full time person- will teach different grades, 3 teachers per month, INR 3000 each

  4. Couple of girls really motivated to travel and work, they did not have the skills to do the job, so we have to train those few girls

  5. Tapo asks - how are we hiring this person for English teacher, what curriculum is being followed. Anu shows email discussion with Mina di about details about English teachers. So about 1.5 lakhs more for teacher salary and the students travel allowance.

  6. 25 students only for the bus allowance - for now, only for the most senior

  7. All attendees voted YES to approve requested budget for INR 9,51,000.00 (9 YES, 0 NO)

Hijli Inspiration budget discussion:

  1. Nutrition support costs has increased - 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs

  2. 2 more centers being added - because number of students is growing

  3. Dhwanil asks about setup costs of the centers - it is the space rented out.

  4. All attendees voted YES to approve requested budget for all 6 centers for the amount of INR 8,90,000.00 (9 YES, 0 NO)

Asha Atlanta funds influx breakdown question:

  1. 10-15 K from GT and Atlanta, rest from donors, 50K is the general ball-park of funding required.

  2. We get general funds split annually.

  3. Need more involvement from Asha GT vols in project stewarding.

Gender equity and sensitivity workshops  in Hijli Inspiration:

  1. Independent evaluation needed before deciding on next steps.

  2. Anu looking into hiring Sonal Zaveri, independent consultant and evaluator. Costs may come to roughly $3K

General group discussion:

We need more projects meetings - somehow integrate projects discussion into the events, and info sessions, or in the meeting say “please reach out to this particular volunteer if you need more info on this project…”

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