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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, Feb 1, 2018


Date & Venue:  College of Computing Room 052, Georgia Tech, February 1st 2018



  1. Anuradha Bulusu

  2. Dhwanil Shukla
  3. Arkadeep Kumar
  4. Prasoon Suchandra
  5. Agniva Roy
  6. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  7. Anish Mukherjee
  8. Shruti Lall
  9. Anusha Harish
  10. Akshaya Nagarajan


  1. Anu asks about GVT proposal January 27th, Dhwanil is the steward,
  2. Anish is going to get a proposal from Kalyania
  3. Divyajyoti proposal - visited by Jyoti, positive, need funds for building
  4. Journal club



  1. GVT proposal

        People are going to take charge, and upload the things on the website, that is the work to be done.

         Central team is going to transition soon in June, so Anu will approve later, but we have to do the checklist asap, and then send

         As and when get a proposal, check with previous year’s budget and check with partner with a list of question, and after having the Q/A append with the budget and upload to the server, and then we discuss it in the project meeting.

      2. Proposal from Kalyania

         Waiting on proposal, will be discussed at the next meeting

      3. Divya Jyoti proposal

          Anu : we should not give money for building or such high costs (50 lakhs), we should get them to apply for CSR funds, many companies in Mysore area. We should fund for teacher salary, student support and etc.

          Anusha : Detailed budget break down is available and with an option of supporting the monthly cost of running. To be discussed in detail at next meeting

      4. Journal club - do we need to update the question set so that we reduce the iterations

  • If a project is taken up by another Asha chapter there is no way to know (PROBLEM) -- how do we close the loop?

  • What if we open a ticket, and then intercepting a tickets send sa notice to everyone,


Project stewards


Kalyania- Anish

GVT - Dhwanil

Divyajyoti - Anusha, Shashi -

SSK - Anusha, Shashi

Nishtha (many parts, Jagaran, night shelter) - Anu, Arka (, Agniva (, Sarmistha (

Inspiration Hijli - Tapo, Anu

Action items:

  1. Stewards need to upload new proposals to Asha website
  2. Project page to be created for Divya Jyoti - Anu
  3. Follow up on Sarvani's lead about Professor at Georgia Tech - Shashi
  4. Learning from proposals submitted to Asha central, changing the proposal form - Shashi


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