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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, Feb 18th, 2018


Date and Venue: Juniper Room, Student Center, Georgia Tech, Feb 18th 2018


  1. Anuradha Bulusu

  2. Dhwanil Shukla
  3. Arkadeep Kumar
  4. Prasoon Suchandra
  5. Agniva Roy
  6. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  7. Anish Mukherjee
  8. Shruti Lall
  9. Anusha Harish
  10. Vinodini Comandur
  11. Sounak Sarkar


  1. Divya Jyoti proposal discussion
  2. GVT proposal discussion
  3. Running program discussion



  1. GVT

    1. Vocational training:

      1. Dhwanil - budget not changed

      2. Anu - 17 outide sewing we gave cmp trainig..samarth said that was not helping.. Padmanava followed up, and it was decided that gvt would iedntify another venture..gvt came up with driver training

      3. Anu - they dont seem have done an analysis, dhwanil asked for the result of last years results..if they didnt do the analysis, there is no understanding of weather the benefit of exisiting programs is more than the driving program.

      4. Anu - we should continue funding this, but make more site visits to see how well the programs are improving the conditions at ground level.

      5. Anu - This could be because asked them for a survey which could be hard for them to execute

      6. Arka - Do they know why they need to do it?

      7. Anu - Yes, it came from a long discussion

      8. Shashi - can we have an ask volunteer to chip in? Can there be a way we can reduce the load on the NGO?

      9. Anu - Padmanava did identify some areas for employment. But we can try to see if padmanva can go check upon this again.

      10. Dhwanil - Other things to ask them

      11. Anu - Nothing more, we should just decide if we fund it or dont..any other questions can only be raised after another site visit

    2. Para teacher proposal:

      1. Dhwanil - The budget for this year is for 6 para teachers

      2. Anu - We should  agree to go ahead with it

    3. Bicycle program:

      1. Dhwanil - It is ok to fund more bicycles if we have funding

      2. Arka - Agree

      3. Agniva - Agree

      4. Anish - Did they ask for shippping

      5. Dhwanil - No

      6. Dhwnail - They arranged it to someother way

      7. Anu - Hold off and have another vote later

      8. Arka - We are ok with other two projects we should wait for this oen

      9. Shashi - we should vote on the increased number of bicycles and not the other two points

      10. Anusha - What would be the delay for the cheaper parts


2. Divya Jyoti:

  1. Anusha -- The email have the proposal, budget document and site visit

  2. Anusha - they run comp training for visually impaired, run by shivaprkash, work from a building for whhich the rent is 5 bucks..they want to move to a larger building..have 20 students, and they want to take in more students

  3. Anu - The site visit did not have details on the number of students that have graduated and were they came from, and where they were employed.

  4. Anusha - In the budget they have given some details, but it is not clear

  5. Anu- Which what I observed

  6. Shashi - Can we reach out to them to with exactly we want from them.

  7. Anusha -- Yes and we still have t o get the FCRA details from them

  8. Anusha - They are asking for 4lakhs that would be salary for trainers, and bus drivers, food and accommodation

  9. Anu - Are they funding the accommodation and food for trainers?

  10. Anu - Can you clarify the budget document

  11. Arka - What are the questions to be?

            Are the food and accomodation for trainers?

            Do they have the impact of these trainings?

    Vote to be held next meeting


3. Nishtha and kalyania update will be next week as well


Action items:

  1. Setup online voting instructions
  2.  Contact big peach for tuesday of this week
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