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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, Oct 11, 2017



Date & Venue: Juniper Room, Georgia Tech Student Center, October 11th 2017


Anish Mukherjee, Anusha Harish, Anuradha Bulusu, Arkadeep Kumar, Dhwanil Shukla, Mrunal Dehankar, Nikhil Raj, Nitansh Parikh, Prasoon Suchandra, Shashidhar Ravishankar, Vinodini Comandur


  1. Hijli Inspiration gender sensitivity training
  2. Lok Chetna Samhiti site visit
  3. Vote on  Kalyania – Asha for Education “Classmate” - Educator Project
  4. Vote on sending funds raised during Dussehra 2017 event towards gujarat flood relief efforts by GVT



  1. Hijli Inspiration: Gender sensitivity

    1. Anu

      • Want to include both girls and boys for the workshop

      • Target same set of students, so that the progress can be monitored.

      • Will try and meet professors in Azim Premji institute during India visit (if possible).

              b. Arka

      • Asking local colleges to take up evaluation of the gender sensitivity project

      • Will reach out to colleagues and friends through social media about it.

      2. Surprise visit to lok chetana:

    1. Anu

      • Asha Atlanta has started funding daily operations of girls hostel for Lok Chetana Samiti starting 2017.

      • Anu's sister made surprise site visit to hostel in Varanasi. Was very impressed with facilities and environment.

      • Anu shared photos and videos.

      • Currently girls are attending local Govt. school until 5th grade. We may need to think about options after that.

  b.  Shashi


      • Can we have the photos and videos, to highlight them during game night?


     3.  Vote on Dussehra funds to be used for GVT flood relief effort:

            a. Shashi

    • GVT had earlier requested Rs. 16,88,500.00 (~USD 26,000) for flood relief in  July 2017. 

    • Asha Atlanta previoulsy voted and sent $10,000 from Central Emergency Funds.


    • A total of $885 was raised during the GT Dussehra event, it was proposed that all the funds raised go towards GVT flood relief effort in Gujarat.

    • Vote on whether or not funds raised in Dussehra event be sent for Gujrat flood relief: 

    • Total 12 (11+1) Yes, No - 0 votes to approve sending USD $885 to GVT for flood relief effort. (Abhyuday Mandal voted by email later)


     4.  Vote on Kalyania funds for 2017-2018 for Classmate project:


            a.  Anu:  

    • Budget overview for after school training program

    • They request Rs. 2,99, 700 for classes starting from Jan 2018

    • Total budget divided by 2 as it is only for 6 months

           b. Anish:  

    • Rationale behind having  just 10 students per class, is to make sure that we can help the good performing students manage with the transition to government school

    c. Anu: 
  • Vote called for approving INR 2,99,700 to  Kalyania   Asha for Education “  Classmate”  -  Educator Project:  All vote (Yes - 11+1, No - 0) to approve it. 
  • Note: Abhyuday Mandal voted by email.

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