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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting 21st June 2018



Mayank Agarwal

Anusha Harish

Shashidhar Ravishankar

Agniva Roy

Sounok Sarkar

Anish Mukherjee

Prasoon Suchandra

Dhwanil Shukla

1. Kalyania

Anish: We had two questions for Kalyania. (Link to previous meeting: Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting, 31 May 2018)

  1. Why surplus in home nursing? 
    Kalyania: 2 sessions. Originally, Sevika training session. lower skilled labour (ayah's). Home nursing second. Only makes sense if govt certified. Wanted to start by themselves. Not enough admits. No govt certification. This year, last cycle when they will attempt this. (Anish) Have told them we have crunch. If certification does not happen this cycle, will not ask anymore and will use up surplus.
  2. Thing about buying raw materials...
    They use Asha's money to buy shirts for students. Basically, used for the materials and salary of people making the shirts, who are trained by Kalyania.

Anish: Have informed them about sending videos to be used for PR material.

2. Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch, Gujarat

Dhwanil talks about his site visit. Site visit report:

Shashi: You wrote they only give bicycles to villages with high drop out rate (~80%). Did they monitor any decrease in drop out rates in villages with a lower drop out rate (~40%)? Then their assumption that giving bicycles start a trend might be validated.

Shashi, Mayank: There will be families that will not send children to school anyway. Does societal pressure somehow reduce dropout rate? Has this been observed? That will tell us: what is the next step to get to 100%? We can think of having sessions for parents, like was once done in Nishtha.

Anusha: Have they seen any one drop out even after giving bicycles?

Dhwanil: Not sure. They claim 100% people they give bicycles to attend schools. Next idea: If bicycles are managed by school, so after someone graduates, they leave it with school and they give it to the next beneficiary GVT identifies.

Regarding para teacher training:

Dhwanil: GVT supplies 1 para teacher if govt school has vacancy of 2 teachers. Usually in remote locations it sometimes happens that teachers leave their jobs or do not show up. GVT supports the school in these situations but identifies that this should be govt's job. Asha cannot fund 6 para teachers and GVT are saying they are also trying to wind down the program and trying to get the government to take care of this situation.


3. Info session

Prasoon: Company in Atlanta, MIRUS, want to hold info session for F1 students regarding jobs in their company. In August. Want us to:

  • book a room
  • help in arranging food
  • publicise
  • logistics of event

Ready to donate to Asha Atlanta in return. Have asked for donation amount. Happened through volunteer Stuti Sagar, who is interning there. She suggested this.

Anish: She could have approached the department.

Dhwanil: Need to make sure if GaTech and Asha are ok with this.

Shashi: We can help out without associating Asha to it, and have them donate in return. We should ask Student Engagement if it is ok for student organisation to do this. We may also ask Career Discovery Center for help, or if it is ok.

Prasoon: If we do this, is the time ok?

Weekday apart from Friday might work. Second week of classes might be better.



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