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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting 28th April, 2018





  1. Anuradha Bulusu
  2. Agniva Roy
  3. Akash Vardhan
  4. Akshaya Nagarajan (Call in)
  5. Arkadeep Kumar
  6. Anish Mukherjee
  7. Anusha Harish
  8. Adwait Mane
  9. Dhwanil Shukla
  10. Ipsita Mohanty
  11. Matt Peek
  12. Prasoon Suchandra
  13. Shashidhar Ravishankar
  14. Shruti Lall
  15. Sounak Sarkar



1.Hijli InspirationBackgroundAnu: Flagship project for Asha Atlanta run by IIT Kgp alumni. Have staff psychologist on call. Ones we work on: supporting after school coaching centres in slums around Calcutta. Their services are used to support workshops in Nishtha.


Last year’s budget  -- around 6 lacs. Organise excursions to science parks. Introducing a new world to slum children beyond govt schools and slums. Last year’s budget mentions opening 2 more centres. This is why this year’s budget increases to 9 lacs. Plus Rs 500 increments in teachers’ salaries.  Explains the differential. Line items the same.


Ref Padmanava’s site visit report for status of education of children. He suggested that the schools go through an ACER evaluation. Has been done. In the process of tabulation.


So 6 centres operational now. Voting to approve budget open.

  General discussion

Anish: Where do they get teachers from? Are teachers part-time?

Anu: Locally, usually. Teaching is in evening.

Arka: Teachers recruited when I visited in 2015. They have retained them. Good sign.

Matt: Are teachers from the slums? A good example would be set if children saw people from their background becoming teachers.

Anu: Some of them are.


Anu: Hijli does a good job of tying up with CSR’s.


Matt: Does Asha follow through with a child, starting at school and then onwards through high school and college?

Anu: It is the objective. Trying to get there. Trying also to provide vocational training. After students finish class 10, Asha tries to push students into vocational training. But Asha does not fund them in vocational training, so there is no incentive to send us.



Arka: Is the project becoming self sufficient?

Anu: Not yet. Once we communicate to projects that there is a fund crunch, the urban projects will be told first.

Adwait: Any example of projects that became self sufficient and we stopped funding?

Anu: Yes. For example: Vidya and Child. Built a wedding hall, started funding through the rental fees.

For now: Try to get more CSR fundings. Site visit fellowships.

Hijli has been valuable. One of the first workshops to conduct gender sensitivity training for boys. (and girls) – focusing on gender issues. Other project partners e.g Asha Varanasi – have expressed interest in attending these workshops. If we collaborate with them, they might go forward and help us with their resources. We might not fund any new centres, but keep relationship going.

   Gender-sensitivity training 

Ipsita: How do you judge the metrics for this kind of gender sensitivity training?


Anu: Typically, evaluators are extremely expensive. Specialised knowledge. Still looking.


Arka:  Teach for India alumni. They might take it up as a project. Not been followed up properly.

Akash: Will their evalutions be credible?


Arka, Anu: Anyone trained by Azim Premji University or such institutes has the proper skill set.


Discussion on the framework of the training at Hijli. Details available on website.

 2.Expanding Asha to Atlanta beyond GT  Anusha, Shashi: How can we expand to Atlanta level? Volunteers not actively engaged in GT can try to expand.


Anu: People at GT need to start taking on more roles in Asha Atlanta, and eventually at the Central. After getting familiar with projects in GT, next step is to take ownership of the projects. Start by visiting NGOs, get into discussions with them on how they can improve.


Dhwanil: One possible way: reaching out to Asha alumni who are working in Atlanta. It will provide a community to someone new who is moving into Atlanta. We can find vounteers graduating from other student chapters, moving to Atlanta and reach out to them.


Anu: Make sure volunteers know they can still contribute to a different chapter where they move to. Keep a list of tasks and combined sign up sheets for both GT students as well as Atlanta volunteers.


Arka, Dhwanil: Chapters should reach out actively to Asha members moving in.


Anu: Should prepare a list of tasks how volunteers can keep contributing beyond university level. Keeping roster. Approach the central team. First onus might be on chapter to make contact but volunteers need to get involved.


Shashi: Long term goal would be to have a database with all volunteers.


Approve INR 9,83,400.00 for Hijli Inspiration for the operational cost of 6 centers

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