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  • Asha Atlanta Projects Meeting July 29th, 2018





  • General funds split discussion
  • GT related events for Fall 2018 

Discussion items

GF split Anu
  • Past 2 years, average funds disbursed is ~USD 108.5k
  • We're at a WCR =0.56
  • Need to focus on more fund raising from next year onwards

What's the difference between Option A and C in the ARC Proposal ?


Difference in the importance given to project disbursal and fundraising. One gives more incentive to fundraise while the other to disbursals

  AnishWhat would be the criteria for the proportional split?
  ShashiProbably WCR
  AnuWe need to figure out what do we envision for Atlanta? What does our fundraising look like?

Funds raised in 2017 is ~USD 15k, and in 2018 it's around ~10k right now.

  AnuWhat is the projected fundraising plan
  ShashiWith the usual events that we have, would be around 15-20k
  Dhwanil10k mostly from running. We can start contacting old volunteers and see if we can get donations from them
  AnuNeed to start thinking about stats about the projects we've worked on, come up with a newsletter and circulate it within Atlanta community. We can have like a support a project for about $25 per month, and look for long-term donors. Is there something we can do on the lines of WAH and showcase it in the next 3 months?
  ShashiYes, we can try that. We can reach out to alumni with the newsletter/ support a project. Might be a good motivation for them to donate.

If we can get them interested, it's a reasonable amount for a sustained period. Once we crunch numbers, we can identify projects which can have recurring donations vs. a one-time donation.

Need to tap into Atlanta pool, maybe Indian-owned start-ups. Reach out to alumni as well

  AnishWe can contact Indian profs on campus too
  Anulet's identify 3-4 categories for groups of people to go after
GT related eventsGradExpoPrasoon

It's 10 -4 pm , 6 hours in total, 2 hours slots for 3 groups of volunteers

Need to finalize brochure and be on the lookout for sponsors

 Meet & Greet (action items below)
 Handicraft bags Do we buy the bags from Deenabandhu? Do we sell them or giveaway during events?

Action items

  • Anuradha Bulusu : Research and reach out to Indian organizations
  • Shashidhar Ravishankar : Follow up with stewards to come up with an exec summary for each project; discuss buying handicraft bags with Anu and Abhyuday
  • Prasoon Suchandra : Finalize brochure for GradExpo, signup sheet for GradExpo
  • Anish Mukherjee : Book room for Meet & Greet (Aug 24th)
  • Anusha Harish : Check with Ipsita about concessions contract and Fall games

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