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  • Asha Atlanta Running Program Meeting, 3rd September 2016


  1. Info session on Wednesday / Thursday (Ask the trainers)

  2. Publicize on FB, Weekly digest (Not possible now), posters in departments and emails (current volunteers, past runners - individually, past donors). Say to come on info session or directly for running on Saturday

  3. Stretching responsibility distributed according to half and full marathon.

  4. Think of running next Saturday (10th Sept). Ask trainers if they are comfortable with that

  5. Get a volunteer to talk about Asha before practice runs

  6. Need water stops

  7. Events free for runners (Game Night etc.)

  8. Race Day cheering

  9. Volunteers signup according to proximity of their homes from water stops mentioned by trainers.

Trainer's’ Responsibilities

  1. Route selection

  2. Stretching

  3. Water Stops planning

  4. Motivate

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