Action items (Meeting 4/28/2018)

#TaskSubtaskPerson in chargeDue dateComments
1.WebpageBlogAgniva, Akshaya  
  Runner pagesShruti, Karthiga, Ranjitha  
  Event pagesShashi, Ipsita, Akshaya  
  Intro page about Asha Atlanta, points of contacts etcShashi  
2.Project OwnershipLok ChetanaPrasoon  
  NishthaArka, Agniva  
  KalyaniaAnish, Sounok  
  HijliAnu, Akash, Ipsita  
  SSKAnusha, Shashi  
  Divya JyothiAnusha, Shashi  
3.Move materials to Wiki Page

Move Archives

  Move Fall 2016 minutes 5/25/18Done
  Move Spring 2017 minutes 5/25/18Done
  Move Summer 2017 minutes

Agniva, Shashi

  Move Fall 2017 minutesAgniva, Shashi5/25/18Done
  Move Spring 2018 minutesAgniva, Shashi5/25/18Done
  Move GT documentationAnusha, Shashi, Agniva5/25/18 
  Link marketing materials 5/25/18 
4.Connecting to graduating/ moving volunteers from different chaptersCreate a list of student chaptersDhwanil, Shashi5/25/18


  Create a list of GT volunteers moving to other states   
  Conference calls with student chapters   
  Contact chapters if they have volunteers moving to AtlantaDhwanil Done (none moced or moving to Atl)
5.Caring crowd for Divya JyotiGoal of the projectShashi6/2/2018; Done

  Project partner steward details  Done
  Measurable goals  Done
  Project story  Broken into Challenge, solution and Impact; Done
  Breakdown of budget  Done
  Milestones  Done
  Funding metric document  Done
  Description about AshaAnusha6/2/2018500 word description; Done
  Project goal description  100 character limit; Done
  Project photos and videos  Done
  Funding goal plus 2.4%  Done
  Crowdfunding period  Done
  Impact of project


6.information for each projectSalient features of the project  The steward of each project needs to contact the project partner and prepare a summary document that covers the points listed in under this topic.
  Breakdown of support provided by Asha Atlanta over the years   
  Photos and video from project partner   

Three success stories each project

  Executive summary for project   
7.Action items from Asha Atlanta Project Meeting, 29th July 2018Research and reach out to Indian organizationsAnu  
  Follow up with stewards to come up with an exec summary for each project; discuss buying handicraft bags with Anu and AbhyudayShashi A decision was made by the GT exec group to contact Nishtha and enquire about the bags that they make. Agniva will discuss this with the folks at Nishtha when he does his site visit on 8/5/2018
   Finalize brochure for GradExpo, signup sheet for GradExpoPrasoon Done
  Book room for Meet & Greet (Aug 24th)Anish Done
  Check with Ipsita about concessions contract and Fall gamesAnusha, Ipsita Done
8.FundraisingLogistics involved in organizing a 5k/10kPrasoon Suchandra  
9.OutreachWorld Food ProgramAnusha Harish  



  1. create google calendar and talk to ICGT
  2. reply to Rebecca and clarify regarding point of contact
  3. send Agniva and Ipsita site visit templates from wiki
  1. come up with event ideas and possible event dates

(be careful about date clashes)

2. set up date for concessions training

3. look at contract signing

4. Look at rooms for play.

5. Read prev site visit reports.

  1. Budget and packages to be prepared by 24th June, 2018.
  2. talk to Ms Sarbari regarding Durga Puja 
  3. Look at architecture event room for play
Agnivablog posts - look at site visit template        
PrasoonRemind Shashi about event insurance and W9        
DhwanilSend Asha insurance to Ipsita, Anusha, Prasoon and Agniva        


Events :

Asha Restaurant Week :

  • Finalize the financial information & report the profit to the Chapter (Anu) => Needs confirmation
  • Send receipts to Central Treasury (Anu) => Done
  • Send checks to Central Treasury (Anu) => Done
  • Update Financials (Gayathri/Padmanava) => Done; Pending task is Receipts

Asha Play :

  • Sponsorship Drive (Anu & others) => Shelved

Marathon Training :

  • T-shirts => Done
  • Thank you letters to runners/supporters => Needs lead


News Letter - needs Lead. (Anu/Padmanava will collect the info + articles)


  • Letter to GSU for Trinita -CrossStitch => Done
  • Follow up for Trinita-Nishtha receipt (Padmanava) => Done
  • Waiting for FCRA (Ashraya) => Received
  • Waiting for Viklang Vidyalaya information from Ramesh
  • 2012 Disbursals needed in First three months
    • BCT?
    • Nishtha first 3 months + SAC
    • Trinita CrossStitch as required
    • Ashraya


  • Sending receipts by Mail
  • Monthly mail check in Asha mailbox
  • Send emails to SAC donors + Project specific donors
  • Track these ICTs
    • Nishtha from Canada $118 => Received
    • SAC $250 donations each for 3 SAC projects
    • SV $50 for Vijay Nennemeni's donations
    • Seattle $100 matching ( sent an email)
    • $600 matching from Citizen Bank (Akshay/Bharadwaj)


  • Change the Banner
  • Update the Progress fundraising (Monthly)
  • Update Nishtha SAC
  • Update Project infos
  • Add a page for GVT
  • SAC-SAP update in main page
  • Create a new group for Asha Atlanta ( domain?)
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