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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes : 24th October 2017





  • Chapter Financials update
  • Fellowship Siddamma Vote Results
  • KWS mid-year update

Discussion items

Mohit Sood

15 minChapter Financial reviewRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Deadline for all disbursement is Nov 15th (after that we may not have time to vote due to Thanksgiving holidays)
  • WAH & SoH is going to come in 2018, so anticipated fundraising is $0 for 2017
  • Based on 2016 ARC Cycle 2 updates,
    • We got less than anticipated General funds in 2017 due to this
    • For 2017, we expect our WCR to be low but we will get topped off to 1.5, so will get a lot more General Funds
5 minSiddamma Fellowship Vote ResultsRangakrishnan Srinivasan

Fellowship Siddamma Poll (Organized by Mohit Sood)

Asha-Austin to support Fellowship Siddamma for the period from Jan 2017 to July 2018 (19 months) at Rs. 25000/- per. month. Total funding for this period will be Rs. 475000/-.

Results from Online vote (link)

    • Yes - 6
    • No - 0
    • Abstain - 1

Volunteers who voted :

  1. Rangakrishnan Srinivasan
  2. Vikram Iyengar
  3. Sowmya Suryanarayanan
  4. Bharath Thandri
  5. Subra Nathan
  6. Arvind Rao
  7. Mohit Sood

Key Feedback :

  1. Need to come up with a vision for Fellowships. Duration of fellowship, etc. (Will not be a gating item for this disbursement)
40 minKWS mid-year updateRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  1. Ranga went over 2017 budget to refresh our memory
  2. Presented Fund utilization report from April - Sep 2017
    1. All funds were utilized
    2. New Yoga teacher joined in May 2017
  3. Reviewed Quarterly reports from KWS
  4. Reviewed Staff/Student list from KWS. Student list is now split into classes now.
  5. Presented the Annual Report for 2016-17 earlier.
  6. Questions :
    1. Is the school still daytime for children ?
      1. Ans: They do have plans to house children overnight to observe but it was paused due to construction when Mohit visited
    2. How many children have been added since new construction ?
    3. How many children are being added / leaving each year ?
    4. What is anticipated growth in number of children coming to this school in next few years
    5. Why no salaries paid out in June for arts teachers and speech therapist?
    6. What is the student to teacher ratio ?
      1. 1:20 for mild-disability (also have a assistant to special educator)
      2. 1:10 for severe disability (also have a assistant to special educator)

Action items

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