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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 10th October 2017





Discussion items

1 hourFellowship SiddammaSowmya Suryanarayanan
      • Slides are here:
      • Site Visit Report
      • Currently the accountant and the Sarpam leaders not being paid
      • 3 lacs - Organic Farm income
      • 3.1 lacs for farm hands @ 3 full time farmers (6000 Rs./month) and 5 helpers (250 Rs./day/part time)
      • NEEDS:
          • Pudukeechalam village - clean drinking water
          • Keezhapoondi - electricity connection
          • Balvadi - need a school in Pudukeechalam village
      • Role of Sarpam Sangam and its financial structure, NGO?, 80-G exempted?, why the leaders are not being paid? Is the one-time funding from various NGOs recurring every year?
      • Is Siddamma paying Suganthi?
      • Check with Asha Seattle - audit reports - payment of accountant, etc.
      • Mohit to set up an online poll - 25k from Jan 2017 to Jul 2018 to cover honorarium for Fellowship Siddamma.
15 minAsha Deepa UpdateArvind Rao
      • School is no longer active since 2012
      • There were some discrepancies in accounting that was reported by Sanju Kumar regarding his brother who was handling the NGO
      • School closed down for two reasons - accounting issues, family feud, lack of funding from Asha-Austin
      • Asha Deepa has a balance of 5.2k with Asha Central
      • Return back to General Funds or request to be converted to Mathru
      • Restricted funds -> unrestricted -> through donor?
      • Sanju Kumar's micro-finance organization not doing well due to demonetization
      • Option to convert Asha-Deepa funds with donor approval
        • 1 Asha Austin general funds
        • 2 Asha Austin Mathru
        • 3 Asha Wide general funds
        • 4 Return back to donor

Action items

  • Sowmya Suryanarayanan - to coordinate with AshaPurdue about the 20k USD for Cuddalore Floods Relief November 2015 for Bharathi Trust about the new school proposal
  • Sowmya Suryanarayanan - to coordinate with AshaSeattle and AshaPurdue about better accounting and audit reports for Bharathi Trust for above
  • Sowmya Suryanarayanan - to check with AID if they would be interested in helping out with clean drinking water/ electricity connection in the flood affected villages
  • Mohit Sood to setup an online vote so that everyone in the Chapter can vote. 
  • Arvind Rao - to check with Asha Berkeley on why they discontinued the fellowship
  • Arvind Rao - to check with Asha wide on option of converting project specific Asha Deepa funds with donor approval

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