Venue: Cirrus Logic meeting room

Attendees: Mohit, Ranga, Subra, Arun, Saurabh


  1. Strides of Hope update

  2. Mathru update

  3. Siddama update

  4. GSK update


Strides of Hope discussion

  • Discussion on website for chapter-specific Strides of Hope runner website 
    • Arun has looked into both the SV chapter-specific option and the Donation Profile Wordpress plugin suggested by Akshay B
    • SV website code is very chapter-specific and needs significant up-front commitment
    • The Donation Profile plugin approach is more manual (each runner page needs to be set up by hand), but is much easier to get started with
    • Tentative decision to go with the Donation Profile plugin 
    • Mohit to create Strides of Hope 2017 event so we have an event ID to connect every runner's donation link to the right account
  • Discussion on approach to training and organization
    • Option 1: Ask prospective Team Asha runners to sign up with an established training organization (Rogue etc) 
    • Option 2: Find running coaches and mentors within the existing (and previous) Asha volunteer group to conduct training in-house 
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