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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 14th November 2017





  • GSK Girirajpura 2nd Disbursement Vote
  • Invitation for new projects 2018-19 
  • KWS Merchandise for Team Asha
  • SoH Update
  • KWS Impact Reports for OT and PT

Discussion items

15 minGSK Girirajpura 2nd Disbursement VoteRangakrishnan Srinivasan

Results to Online Poll (Organized by Ranga)

  • Do you approve Asha-Austin disbursing Rs. 5.08 lacs towards GSK Girirajpura for the period from October 2017 to March 2018. This amount will be used to provide teachers' salaries, cover cost of teaching and learning material, staff travel and training costs, administration costs.
    • Yes - 7
    • No - 0
    • Abstain - 0
  • Discussed feedback from all volunteers who voted.
30 minInvitation for new projects 2018-19Rangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Two Forms : Form A (standard form, AfE template), Form B (additional details for Austin Chapter)
  • It would be good to simplify the checklist and reduce the barrier for application.
  • Online General form vs Form A/B approach (as taken by Asha-SFO in 2016)
    • Online General form will be shared with other chapters
    • Ideally we prefer to get first dibs in reviewing.
    • If we do not pick the project due to lack of resources, we can submit to online general proposals
    • Vandana pointed out that two NGOs may already have applied through online form.
15 minKWS merchandise for Team AshaRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Planning to order 50 messenger bags and 100 cards from Khushboo.
  • Bags as souvenir to runners
  • Cards to donors to say thankyou
  • Total cost : about $9/runner (for 30 runners). Here is the link to estimate
15 minSoH UpdateSubra Nathan
  • Above 30 runners signed up for Session I and II combined.
  • Monthly Fundraising challenge coming up
  • Coaches/Mentors have good fundraising till now but new runners are slow on fundraising
  • We maybe around $2k including company matching.
15 minKWS Impact Reports for OT and PTRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Postponed for next meeting

Action items

  • Rangakrishnan Srinivasan
    • Upload the forms in a general directory to share with everyone
    • Simplify the initial checklist and update document to reduce barrier of entry
    • Send out links to all videos. 
  • Mohit Sood 
    • Get answers to questions from GSK Girirajpura Vote feedback (not gating the 2nd disbursal)
    • Convert Siddamma video and send to Ranga

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