Attendees : Raga, Sowmya, Arvind, & Mohit

Cuddalore Relief efforts - Update from Sowmya

Sowmya and Savitha had sent updates from Siddamma on Whatsapp group.  

  1. Late December/Early Jan, Siddamma and her team were busy meeting government administration to represent the flood affected Irula to get permanent housing. Since they are planning for housing now, if they don't inform, they will not include this community. On 30th December, in the evening they managed to meet Thiruvallur District Collector and gave a request letter to build 500 houses for Irula families who lost their huts in the flood. He has agreed to that. After January last week, he will let them know.
  2. During 1st round of rain already many Irula villages were affected. But 2nd rain was worse, it washed away many Irula huts. With the help of local friend namely Sengallvarayan, they managed to cook food for 20 families in Vandigate in Chidambaram Taluk which was completely washed away. They were literally starving. Sengallvarayan himself was affected in the flood. So she could not continue to cook there. There was water everywhere in Chidambaram. Siddamma purchased food from local vendors for a day but it was coming bit expensive as he was charging Rs 35 per one pack of tomato rice. They spent around Rs.15,000. Later, then they managed to get one local tiffin vendor and asked him to cook for 360 most affected Irula people who can not cook and needed immediately cooked food. He was very kind to supply Tomato Rice, Puliyodarai, and Lemon Rice for 226 families. Break-up: Vandigate-20 families, Sethiathoppu - 100 families, Thavartharpattu - 16, penpadi - 5, Kaduvacheri - 35, Sathangudi - 20, kuriyamangala - 30 and Kumara mangalam - 20. Overall they provided one time food for all the members in the house hold for 3 days at the rate of Rs. 15 per package. It was very challenging to manage the work. After that they started providing dry food items, tarpaulin sheets and bedsheets to all the families. Suganthi will be sending us the details of account with the scan copy of the bills in shortly.

  3. She went to Kanaga Palyam Irula colony. This village 15 huts was damaged and 32 goats was washed away in the flood. Due to non availability of agricultural work which was also affected in flood, people were in the starvation. Immediately she provided rice and bedsheets to the community. She also visited Bhoothavarayanpettai, where 25 irula families live. This village is surrounded by the farm land which was completely flooded. Their goats, chickens and cows died. They lost their livelihood. She also provided rice there before coming back to her home

  4. Details of accounts so far ... 

    1. Cooked food for 360 people @rate of Rs. 35 for one time 

    2. Cooked food from vendor @rate of Rs. 15 for 226 families for 3 days. 

    3. Tarpaulin sheets @the rate of Rs. 400 for 200 families. 

    4. Bedsheets @ the rate of Rs. 200 for 500 families. 

    5. Solar Lanterns for 3 Irula villages namely Uppunelvoi, Senchamanagar and Thirukandalam villages where there wasn't any electricity. She transferred Rs. 25000 to Orora global to get 12 Lanterns. 

    6. Dry food items we have provided as per budget except the quantity of masala powder instead of 1kg, we have provided 700 gm, we have provided for dry food to 520 families in cuddalore district. 

  5. She found around 400 Irula families affected in flood in Pallipattu and thiruttanni areas. She is trying to get help from all her friends. 

  6. For Thiruvallur and Chidambaram area, she would like to provide fish nets for the people who's nets washed away in the flood. Many women lost their goats in the flood. She is trying to get help from all her friends. She will send us a copy of the proposal. 

Other Updates

  1. Receipts for all projects were accepted and all 2015 checklists are closed
  2. Mohit approved ICTs to Asha Toledo and Asha St. Louis
  3. Mohit reminded Treasury team to approve ICT for R&R funds from Asha Central related to Cuddalore Relief
  4. Need to remind Asha webteam to transfer the website

Mathru Foundation - Fund utilization

  1. Arvind discussed the fund utilization report 
  2. He will put this up on the web adding the period from May to Nov. 

Proposal on past Asha Austin projects 

  1. Mohit gave an overview on behalf of Ranga. 
  2. Link to proposal
  3. Since Big 4 Chapters have funds and are actively looked to fund projects, it would be a good opportunity to pick up some of the past projects and work on getting them funded.
  4. The ones marked in RED were funded for very short time and can be given low priority for now. 
  5. The ones marked GREEN were transferred over to other Chapters. 
  6. The ones marked ORANGE need to be reviewed/discussed with Past Stewards
    1. Asha Deepa - Arvind indicated that the school was not doing well in terms of management, so we do not want to pursue that. 
    2. ASV - Its a remote area so maybe hard to visit
    3. Bharathi Trust - Has been funded well in the past. Big budget project.
    4. Gyanodaya - Bharath said that this is self sufficient but can look into new needs
    5. Vasoondara - Maybe hard to do site visit again but can talk to Shree / Lalit.
  7. The ones unmarked are good candidates to start discussing with other Chapters. 
    1. KWS - Ranga needs to get a proposal
    2. PJ - Geethapriya is interested. Need to follow up with her
    3. RMKM - Need to talk to Murali. Possibly funded through Vibha. 





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