Attendees : Ranga, Raga, Sowmya, Mohit

Asha Wide Activities 

  1. Shobhana concert (Details from Purdue Chapter)
    1. Show Details:  
      1. The title will be "Dancing drums - Trance , In aid of world peace". Here we communicate that Art transcends religious boundaries. The program is designed through Percussion,  lighting, Poetry and Virtuosity to get the audience into a state of trance.
      2. The music unlike our previous production is live. 
      3. A little about the musicians and dancers,
        1. The drummer, Anantha R Krishnan is presently touring with Ustad Zakir Hussain in his "Masters of percussion" concert series. Needless of further elaboration!
        2. The key boardist Pithvi Chandrasekhar, Has his masters from Berkley college of Music Boston and teaches at Ar Rehman's conservatory.
        3. The violinist Shivaraman is a staff at the singapore indian fine arts.
        4. The singer Preethy Mahesh is one of the best in this genre of music. 
        5. The dancers,  three of them are senior staff in the kalarpana instituite chennai as well as soloists.
        6. Two of the younger artistes are government scholarship holders for dance.
        7. Our lighting director Mr.Murugan is the BEST in his field, has toured the usa over 20 times.
    2. Financials & Logistics
      1. Payment of the 11 member team of musicians and dancers and Shobana. .including international airfare ..
        1. For Saturday show: $10k for the team
        2. For Sunday show: $9K
        3. For Friday: $8K
        4. For Thursday: $7K
      2. The local logistics need to be taken  care of by participating chapters which include domestic flights (one way from previous hosting city or can be averaged out flight ticket cost), local stay, food etc. Let me know how the number looks for each interested chapter and I can provide feedback to Shobana. Following that we can schedule a conference call with Shobana.
      3. Once tentative fee and interested chapters are finalized, we can start looking sponsorship options.
      4. For local travel, the team is ok travelling in van or car if its short trip say 2-3 hours. For longer 4-6 hrs trips, cars can be fine with performers (depending onconcert schedule) but it will be good if Shobana can fly to avoid fatigue.
      5. Regarding staying at residences- Its going to be better being hosted at mid range hotels. Where the dancers can even do 4pax a room. The total rooming will be 4 to 5 in mid range hotel. If the local organizers insist  the dancers will be happy to be accommodated in residences.
      6. Merchandise -We would be selling our merchandise like dvds of previous shows that are in demand. if the theatre charges us to use their box office, we are prepared to pay the amount. This is just for information.You don't have to add this in the clause. :)
    3. We currently have 4-5 active volunteers. Asha Austin need more volunteers to organize this event. The cost of show may be to the tune of $15-18k. At this point, volunteers feel we are not ready to undertake this venture. 
  2. ARC Cycle 1 - 
    1. Voting phase has started - Deadline May 20th
    2. This ARC cycle will also serve as the election cycle for the 2016-18 term of the Asha central coordination team. 
      1. List of 2016-18 Coordination team nominees
    3. ARC proposals to vote on :
      1. Chapter Financial Planning improvements following the feedback received in 2015 about WCR calculation at chapters  
      2. Setting up a Team Asha Accounting policy and a Support a Child donation policy
      3. Establishing guidelines about the relationship between Asha for Education and Asha India.
      4. An update to our  Conflict of Interest policy
      5. Setup of an  Asha Internal Audit Committee
    4. Mohit to send Chapter internal vote link for each of these item. 
  3. Asha 25th Anniversary Celebrations
    1. The one day celebrations will be held on November 5th, 2016 - with events planned throughout the day culminating in the annual 'Images of India' concert at UC Berkeley.
    2. We will start a website with a special 25th year logo - and highlight our work over the last 25 years with content from past and present volunteers, Team Asha runners, project partners etc. 
    3. We will try to see if the concert tour series being planned for Shobana can be done as a part of a 25th year celebration series. 
  4. Asha Website down
    1. The new website is currently down. Central webteam is working on fixing issues. 
    2. Till then everyone will be redirected to old webpages

Project related updates 

  1. Project Tracking Template
    1. Ranga put together a template (see Project Tracking tab) to track projects.  
    2. Others are welcome to give feedback. 
    3. This template can be used for tracking existing projects. Each project steward can fill this out for their projects and keep it up to date.
    4. We plan to use this for Project Contest also.
  2. Khushboo update - ?? 
  3. Shaaron & Snehalaya update from Asha Toledo 
    1. Asha Toledo sent link to a video by Nick Cox who is a visitor from UK working Snehalaya right now. 
    2. Also, Ganesh and Pallavi visited Shaaron School recently and have an update in the form of a site visit report.
  4. GSK update
    1. Mohit received fund utilization report from GSK
    2. They applied for FCRA some time back but have not received an approval yet. Government has extended the deadline till June 30th, 2016. 
    3. Waiting on a 6 month report on school and Annual Audit report for the year. 
    4. Have reached out on Asha network and Facebook to do Site visit. Last visit was on Jan 2015. 
  5. Cuddalore Relief update
    1. Reminded Siddamma for fund utilization from Flood relief. 
  6. Siddamma
    1. Sowmya will put together an update for next meeting
  7. Proposed Project Update Schedule 
    1. Update Chapter. 
    2. Send questions to project partner ahead of time
    3. Arrange a conference call with Project Partner, where all chapter volunteers can converse with project partner.  
    4. Chapter Vote's on approving the project.

Next Meeting : May 15th, 2016

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