Venue: RMHC meeting room

Attendees: Mohit, Arun, Arvind, Ranga



  1. Mathru update
  2. GSK update
  3. SoH update


GSK update

  • New room building proceeding well
  • Initial budget did not contain numbers from last year for comparison. Mohit asked for and received a revised version with the comparison. Shubham Garg (from GSK) also shared a current list of employees and current pictures from the site and of the new construction. 
  • Mohit has also informed GSK that we'll be weaning off funding since we're in year 3. Discussion around this arrived at a consensus that we should definitively not exceed 5 years of funding, perhaps starting with a hard reduction in funding in year 4 (2018).
    • Need to find out what other sources of funding GSK has. The HT Parikh Foundation donation of INR 30 Lakhs is one we're aware of. How did they manage the remainder of budget for last year. 
    • One suggestion is to reduce the funding level (for 2018) to 2/3 of whatever we approve this year. 
  • Looking at 2016-17 fund utilization report and 2017-18 budget:
    • Why are the 4th quarter numbers so low? Why is there fluctuation across quarters?
    • Why was the surplus from last year's funds not used to make up the shortfall shown in cell C13 of the spreadsheet? In general, why are surplus funds not being used while next year's funding is pending?
    • We'll support the new physical education teacher full-time (was half-time last year) - increases the salary line item from INR 390k to INR 520k. 
    • Ask about the INR 100k increase in project administration costs (INR 181k total) - we funded at INR 81k last year, and will fund INR 90k this year (10% increase). Need to understand why administration cost went up 100%. 
    • We may pick up the line items for the field workers  (community outreach) and accounts assistant position (adding up to a ~22% increase over 2016-17). Decision pending on Q&A.
    • We may drop funding for next year to just the core teaching staff's salaries - approx. INR 800k (~67% of this year's budget)

Mathru update

  • Aravind to get a budget this weekend from Malathi-ji. 

  • To be picked up next meeting

SOH update

  • May pre-create channel IDs so runner pages can be automatically created upon sign-up
  • Need a primary event page with a splash screen, imagery and text
    • Would be nice to have a donation leaderboard tracking progress towards team-wide donation target





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