Attendees : Mohit, Raga, Ranga, Arvind Rao, Kapil 

Mathru Foundation update - Arvind 

  • The needs are to the tune of Rs 10 Lakhs. We are going to be a small portion. 
  • Arvind to write a letter approving the re-use of funds for items to buy for the new building. We will get the specifics when we get the next 6 month expense report. 
  • April 17th is house warming of the new building. 
  • Action items : 
    • Follow up on CSR with Padmanava, Vinod, and Malathiji. 
    • Audit Report for Mathru for 2014-15. 

Website - Raga 

  • Things to do 
    • Clean up broken links and pictures.
    • Look at the Older website and use that as template
    • Link to Meeting Minutes in Wiki 
    • Link to previous projects and events

REWARD Trust Discussion - Ranga

  • The idea is to sponsor teachers in government schools to decrease the student : teacher ratio 
  • The idea is great but Asha Austin's vision is to sponsor new initiatives - either new projects to Asha network OR new initiatives by existing partners. 
  • We are planning to dedicate resources/funds for taking up another project this year.  

Past Projects Discussion - Ranga

  • Ranga brought up the topic of transferring past projects to other Chapters 
  • He has contacts Asha NYC and SV for KWS but has not heard back. 
  • Action items :
    • Mohit : Ping Geethapriya for PJ. Is she planning to put it up at San Diego ?
    • Ranga : 
      • Put up KWS on Projects Proposal pages.
      • Contact NYC Chapter and send them the proposal. 
    • Arvind Rao : Call ASV - Vallabh 

GSK - Girirajpura Update - Mohit

  • Mohit shared the report from Kilol 2016
  • Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK) held their Annual Function - Kilol 2016 in Jan. They have been doing this for several years. Last year it was in Girirajpura, where they established a new school, which as you all know Asha Austin is supporting. 
  • This year they chose a Senior Secondary Government School in Lahsoda, a village south of Ramthambore National Tiger Reserve. Unlike previous years, when they have organized Kilol in GSK schools, this year they chose a Government school in Lahsoda (where no GSK school exists) to create buzz about GSK & its teaching methods and to demonstrate and encourage community members to improve overall quality of education at government schools.
  • Some highlights 
    • Sports activities, Exhibition matches
    • 6 exhibition rooms focused on Arts, Crafts, Science, Language & Reading
    • Attended by an estimated 3000 adults & children.
    • Attended by 60 teachers from 19 Govt. schools


New Project Discussion - Ranga

  • We are thinking of putting together a contest of sorts - on a similar theme as Standford. 
  • Some criteria proposed by Ranga 
    • New to Asha Network OR New initiative by existing partner
    • Reward Grant of $30k for 3 years. 
  • Ranga will put together more details and a poster 
  • Proposed deadline to be April 30th. We will review and Declare results on May 31st. 
  • Will use Facebook and our website to publicise. 




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