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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 28th November 2017





  • Mathru 2nd Disbursement and Vote
    • Deadline: Nov 30 (Asha-wide for 2017 checklists)
    • Response from Mathru for pending Questions
    • Updated FCRA certificate needed
    • If we don't meet Nov 30 deadline, disbursement will be rolled to 2018, resulting in a loss of 10k USD in GF split 2018 to chapter
    • Voting needs to be done with min 6 quorum requirement
    • We will do meeting vote this time as an exception due to time constraints
    • Please plan to attend the meeting as this affects the chapter's financials for next year
    • Please go through previous discussion here, to vote during the meeting, if necessary
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • ARC 2nd Cycle Vote

Discussion items

45 minMathru Mid-Year Update Part 3 and 2nd Disbursement Vote for 2017-18Arvind Rao
    • Questions from Part 2
      • Who is the donor : is it individual or institutional donor ? Good to know the success story behind getting the donation.  
        Ans: Since she is a celebrity she is called to many functions and she talks about mathru foundation all the time, and asks for all checks to be paid in the name of 'Mathru Foundation'. For example, she recently went to Infosys for November 1st celebration (Rajyotsava) and Sudha Murthy made a donation to mathru foundation. Her goal is to get to 5 crores so that the foundation can sustain for a long period of time.
      • How does she find children ? It would be good to hear about the stories on how she hears about the children and the process of bringing them in.  
        Ans: She visits Local health center managed by the govt. They have a database of handicapped children. Also word of mouth is powerful, children who study in mathru when they go back to their villages talk about it to others.
      • Do they plan on publishing any annual reports or newsletters for their donors ? Is she is busy, does she plan to get someone for that ?
        Ans: Since this is just a residential place for kids, she does not write annual reports. Main activities are sports activities, and yearly excursion. However, she said she will write a report and send it to us.
    •  Questions on Fund utilization report
      • The Budget was 20 lakhs (approx.). For 6 months, this would be 10 lakhs. We sent about 4 lakhs for first 6 months at 40% budget but she has used 5 lakhs. Is the utilization report specific to Asha or whole? 
        Ans: The expenses she sent us are generally the day-to-day expenses of the organization. Most costs are fixed; the only variable expenses are "hospital" and "misc" which include plumbing, groceries, gas, transportation, out of which the hospital charges are hard to predict.
      • Why is staff salary lower than budget? Budget was INR 50k but the actual salaries are INR 40k. Did someone leave? 
        Ans: Physiotherapist only worked for 4 months because he was getting married. They currently have only one physiotherapist.
      • Hospital expense details : Did some children have surgery? We see two major hospital expenses, what are these expenses?
        Ans: 3 kids surgery @beginning had surgery (photos sent in april) and calipers expense is INR 45k.
      • Is the education expense paid once every year around June/July ? Total spent about 67000 rupees. Is that school tuition, paid once in the beginning of the year?
        Ans: admission fees for schools/colleges for kids.
      • Recurring donations at INR 55k/month. Asha-Austin funded INR 4 lacs for Apr-Sept 2017. Total amount is INR 7 lacs, while expense report shows INR 5 lacs. Both cannot be restricted funds. Excess funds most likely transferred to reserves. Asha-Austin support is for day-to-day expenses, food, education and medical.
        AI: Please confirm with Mathru.
      • Why is the prediction so much higher in the budget?
        5 new children added only in the end of July; Expense report from Apr to June is with only 12 children; One physiotherapist moved for personal reasons, lower staff salaries; 2016-17 audit report expenses was ~12.5 lacs. For 17 children is ~17.7 lacs to first order. However, medical expenses vary and can fluctuate.
      • Vote for 2nd Disbursement
      • Do you approve Asha-Austin's second disbursement of Rs. 4 Lakhs for the period from October 2017 to March 2018 to Mathru Foundation to support children's schooling, food and medical expenses, staff salaries, and daily expenses for the foundation
      • Yes: 6
      • No: 0
      • Abstain: 1 (Jaya, first meeting)
15 minARC 2nd Cycle VotingMohit Sood

Action items

  • Arvind Rao : Please confirm with Mathru that recurring donations for day-to-day needs are unrestricted and can be transferred to reserves, if in excess.
  • Arvind Rao : Please update FCRA Certificate
  • Arvind Rao : Please submit checklist to meet November 30 deadline 

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