Venue: Ronald McDonald House of Charity

Attendees: Mohit, Ranga, Arun, Sowmya, Saurabh, Arvind

  • Arun to help with setting up meeting venue and agenda going forward, will serve as a backup for minuting meetings
  • Ranga presents overview of all projects/fellowships handled by the chapter
  • Disbursements in 2016-17 have been delayed significantly, need to improve; proposal to get first done by June 15, second by Nov 15.
    • Implies we need budget documentation from organizations/partners by April; special circumstances such as pending audits may be treated as exceptions
    • Calendar reminders to be set up for these deadlines
  • Fellowship and projects : we should try to get more frequent updates/pictures for presentation to the chapter
  • Need an internal checklist for projects (Ranga to finalize):
    • Central asks for the following:
      • Site visit report
      • Meeting minutes
    • Internal list should add:
      • fund utilization
      • receipts
      • financial audit report
      • FCRA renewal (if upcoming/recent)
  • Request to have Mohit present the new document uploading procedure at an upcoming meeting (demo'd briefly today, may be redundant)
  • Usual funding procedure:
    • Donor to confirm funds arrival within 4 days
    • Receipts to follow
  • High level FY 2017 planning for the chapter projects; review of financial planning worksheet, currently funded and projected new project
    • $49k budget with existing projects and a $10k allotment for a new project totaling to $59k.
    • Mathru back to $12k budget.
    • Mathru to be put up for WAH. Expecting to raise $6k through WAH. Mathru Foundation is the most probable pick.
  • Fundraising ideas
    • Marathon: target either the November San Antonio Rock n' Roll run, or the February Austin marathon. Estimate to raise 6k this year.
  • Next meeting agenda:
    • Sowmya to present update on Siddama's fellowship.






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