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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 30th April, 2017


Venue: Ronald McDonald House of Charity

Attendees: Mohit, Arun, Arvind


  1. ARC fellowship stipend increase resolution vote
  2. Strides of Hope presentation/kick-off
  3. WCR / GF split update


ARC fellowship stipend increase resolution vote

ARC proposal to increase the maximum cap on monthly fellowship personal stipend from INR 25000 to INR 40000. An online poll will be put up to get the chapter's decision. 


Link to Online poll for Chapter -

Results of Online poll -


Strides of Hope presentation 

  • Mohit presented a plan and schedule (link) for kicking off the Strides of Hope running/fundraising program
  • Primary goal this year is outreach and community building
  • Discussion topics:
    • Should we eliminate minimum commitment for participating runners?
    • Should we incentivize runners in some fashion (waive registration / training fees etc) if/when they meet their fundraising goals?
    • Pick a training provider/partner that has multiple Austin locations to make it easier for participants 
  • Action items:
    • Identify leads for SOH by May 30
    • Arvind to look into fundraising website
    • Arun to look into Facebook advertising
    • Mohit to create a poster for publicity

WCR / GF split discussion

  • There were errors in the central team WCR estimates that have been addressed after discussion with Shankar (Central treasury).
  • Our WCR for 2016 = 1.36 (=$68089/$50056).
  • Our top-off is $6995, and general fund split is $8930, for a total of $15925. This is based on ARC modification voted in Nov 2016. 
  • Our current disbursement rate is $50k/year. We can expect top-off and GF split next. 
  • To prepare for a tapering in the GF split distribution, we should ramp up funding to match our disbursements (~$50k) over the next 2-3 years. 
  • A decision on adding a project this year should be based on our fundraising activity goes this year. 
  • The central team has mandated that going forward no disbursements will be entertained after November 30th for calculating the final WCR balance. 

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