1. Overall project funding mechanics review - Ranga (30 min)
  2. KWS - Budget and proposal for 2017-18 - Ranga (1 hr 30 min)
  3. Siddamma site visit update - Sowmya (30 min)


Project funding overview (Ranga)

  • Proposal to ramp down project funding by 33% each year, starting years 4/5/6 
    • Initial chapter vision was to fund projects for 3 years only - with 2nd year at peak funding year
    • GSK and Mathru are in their 3rd year already and there is plan to continue with weaning model for another 2-3 years
    • More probable scenario is to look at funding for 3+3 years, with peak around 3rd year, and 33% wean off each subsequent year
    • Max increase in budget at 25% from 2nd to 3rd year
    • This is for chapter level commitment, and if we were to have a parallel SAC/SAT structure in place by the entire 3 year wean period, we can continue with the project focus
    • Chapter will be responsible for due diligence and follow up of project as our commitment towards our SAC/SAT sponsors
    • First project as trial for this will be GSK for next year
    • Every year, we need to put up WAH project. This year will be Mathru. Aravind Rao has volunteered to work with WAH team this year.
  • New projects will be picked after soliciting proposals through a contest to coincide with SoH season (for runners to get more involved with projects)

  • KWS - budget and proposal / 2017-18 (Ranga)
  • From KWS newsletter:
    • participation in state level volleyball training and competition by Special Olympics Bharat (Jan 2017)
    • Valentine's day and Holi celebrations ( Feb / March 2017)
    • Annual day celebration 
    • Participation in painting and arts competitions (Feb / March / April 2017)
    • Corporate visitors - Infosys, Fluor, Give India, Fidelity Team
      • proposal for audiometry room has been submitted to Fidelity 
    • Visits by BASAID / Rosalia sponsor (Dr Khanna)
    • Core group meeting (Feb 2017)
  • Funds utilization
    • INR 6.8 lakhs first Asha disbursal, spent on staff salaries (total, INR 8.7 lakhs) between Apr-Nov 2016
    • Psychologist / yoga teacher left 
    • INR 3.4 lakhs second Asha disbursal, spent on staff salaries ( total, INR 4.14 lakhs) between Dec 2016 - Mar 2017
  • Rakeshji with assistance of a junior individual took over resource mobilization late last year
    • Started SAC model with a wide range of possible donations for cover child's education, transportation etc
    • Fewer % towards admin salaries
    • Asha funds being used for staff salaries for the teachers hired under the new initiatives category
    • KWS' fund raising model is pivoting substantially to SAC
    • Higher salaries proposed for audiometry lab staff (to be hired) - ~ INR 40-50k 
    • Rakeshji to continue in resource mobilization role, unless a well-qualified candidate can be hired in
  • Salary bill increasing from ~ INR 78 lakhs to ~ INR 104 lakhs for 2018 (mostly due to audiometry lab staff hires, and salary raises (~20%), with reduction in admin salaries)
    • Asha Austin supported to the tune of INR 10.2 lakhs in 2016-17
    • KWS is requesting support for the same line items as before
    • Ranga proposes a 10% increase for 2017-18 
    • Mohit would prefer to fund 100% of specific line items for better tracking and accountability
    • Looking back at previous KWS funding vote and options, the funding for specifically was for six staff personnel - speech therapist, computer teacher, music teacher, dance teacher, yoga teacher and pottery teacher - 6/9 positions of the new initiatives - with budget of 10.2 lacs.
      • Due to yoga teacher not filled in for 8 months, fewer number of sessions for some of the classes, late start of speech therapist (new hire), etc. KWS had used Asha Austin funding amount to fund salaries of the remaining 3/9 positions of the new initiatives - specifically occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist (not a position now, merged with Audiometry lab) 
      • What was communicated to KWS was us funding new initiatives teachers without explicit mention of the line-items of 6/9 positions
      • This reallocation was mentioned in their first disbursal utilization report and KWS had requested approval from Asha-Austin 
      • Fund reallocation retroactively approved via unanimous voice vote to support the use of Asha-Austin funding for the remaining 3/9 positions (Sowmya, Mohit, Ranga, Arun - all for)  
      • KWS acknowledged the support from Asha-Austin towards their new initiatives - salaries for music, dance, computer, yoga teachers and therapeutic services
  •  Significant improvement in fundraising in 2016 
    • INR 94 lacs from institutional donations, same number was 22 lacs in 2015
    • INR 30 lacs from individual donations, same number was 14 lacs in 2015
    • Most institutional or individual donations are for one year, with some continuing at same level or lesser for subsequent years
    • INR 4 lakhs from marathon, reduced from 13 lacs, and not likely this year
    • 172 donors, distributed model with 4-5 big donors
    • Ranga showed the list of donors, donation amounts and time of donation (most have come from Nov 2016 - March 2017 time frame)
    • Rakeshji mentioned each years fundraising is different - some good years and some bad years
  • AI- Ranga to follow up on non-overlap of funding for SAC vs. Asha-Austin funding
  • AI- Ranga to follow up on second part of update with more activities of KWS along with voting for budget line-items


Siddamma site visit update

  • August 25-27 - fellowship site visit scheduled (by volunteer from Bangalore, Anjana)
  • Separate Cuddalore flood project site visit scheduled for next week by one of Savi's employees 
    • Sowmya to receive photos from visit




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