Attendees : Arvind, Sowmya, Raga, Mohit, Ranga

  1. Cuddalore Floods Relief effort - Update (Sowmya)
    1. Mohit uploaded the pictured on our Facebook page
    2. Many of the Irula families lost fishing nets and goats during the flood. Sidamma is seeking funds for these items.
    3. Siddamma seeking funds for rehabilitation for 200 families, the cost is Rs. 11000 per family (around $36,000).
      1. Austin Chapter does not have the resources to support this. 
      2. We can help take this proposal to big 4 Chapters - Seattle, SV, New York, New Jersey 
      3. Recommend Siddamma to also reach out to Habitat for Humanity OR AID. 
    4. Orora Global is partnering with Program VACA to make low cost sustainable homes in the affected area. Program VACA is lead by an architect from Mexico who has some ideas of making sustainable homes in the flood affected area. Siddamma had some doubts about this since the "lead" was not from India/Tamil Nadu and may not know the ground reality. She also said that the cost for these houses would be much more than Rs 11,000. 
    5. Siddamma also mentioned that there are some Irula villages in the Thiravallur area that have been neglected by the govt and have not received any kind of support after the floods. She is also looking for funds for these families. 
    6. Sidamma was very thankful for ASHA Austin's support and mentioned that she has utilized all the funds we sent and it was primarily used for buying food, tarpaulin sheets and 4 solar lanterns. She will send us the receipts soon. 
  1. Budget for 2016 - Arvind
    1. Income : Arvind assumed a GF split of $30k and some other small donations to the Chapter
    2. Expenses : Arvind assumed the same expenses. 
      1. We discussed the possibility of putting up one of two projects for WAH this year - Mathru or GSK-Girirajpura
      2. If we do that, we can take up another project around $10k budget for 2016 and maintain our WCR around 1.5
      3. Need to mention any tentative event for liability / insurance reasons.\
    3. Updated Financial Planning worksheet for 2016. 
  2. Mathru foundation - Update - Arvind
    1. Malathiji expressed that the foundation will need to buy some extra things for the new home they are moving to in Summer 2016.Please see the list of items below along with the pictures for the beds.
      1. kitchen utensils like rice boilers an stove
      2. 5 hodre cuboids to keep the monthly ration.
      3. 15 nos of blankets,bedsheets and bed spreads.
      4. Bathing buckets,mugs 15 nos each.
      5. bunker beds with mates session and pillows 15 nos.
      6. Drinking water purify er 2 nos.
      7. Generator 1 
    2. She needs permission from us that she can use the money for the above, since we have only sent the money for day-to-day needs, and based on FCRA rules they can only use the money the organization has sent the money for.
    3. Everyone was fine with this list. Since these were not included in the initial budget, we would like to get an estimate for it and also the amount of leftover funds from what we had sent earlier.
  3. ARC Cycle 1 - Feedback Phase I - Mohit
    1. Mohit shared with everyone the Proposals in ARC Cycle 1. 
      1. An improvement to our Chapter Financial Planning policy following the feedback received in 2015 about WCR calculation at chapters: Chapter Financial Planning - II
      2. Setting up a Team Asha Accounting policy and a Support a Child donation policy:Team Asha accounting Policy, and SAC donation policy
      3. Establishing guidelines about the relationship between Asha for Education and Asha India: Asha for Education and Asha India
      4. An update to our Conflict of Interest policy: Update to Conflict of Interest Policy
      5. Setup of an Asha Internal Audit Committee: Asha Internal Audit Committee
      6. and lastly, this ARC cycle will serve as the election cycle for the 2016-18 term of the Asha central coordination team. The various available positions are listed here:2016-18 Nominees. Interested nominees are requested to apply to these roles with a personal statement (linked on the same page)
    2. We reviewed the updates to Chapter Financial planning only : Chapter Financial Planning - II
    3. Mohit to post feedback related to that
    4. Volunteers are encouraged to read and provide direct feedback on the page or to Mohit
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