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  • Asha Austin Meeting Minutes - 31st October 2017





  • Update KWS Voting Results
  • GSK Girirajpura Mid-Year Review

Discussion items

10 minKWS 2nd disbursement Voting ResultsMohit Sood
  • KWS Voting for 2nd disbursement from Oct 2017 to Mar 2018 of INR 5.63 lacs towards salaries of new initiatives staff - occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, music teacher, dance teacher, arts teacher, computer teacher and pottery instructor:
      • Yes: 9
      • No: 0
      • Abstain: 0
  • Link to Online Results
  • Online voting practice of poll being setup and administered by another volunteer who is not the steward of the project
  • Min. quorum of 6 votes for approval of poll
1 hr 30 minGSK Girirajpura Mid-Year ReviewMohit Sood
  • 43 more households expected to come in, need for 5th room now with increasing expected # of students
  • We helped in the construction of 4th room earlier this year
  • Totally 4 class rooms right now, long term want to use independent rooms instead of community room
  • Half-yearly report -
  • GSK Audit Report 2016-17
  • Funds utilization report for building
    • Fund Utilization report - Room Construction at Girirajpura
      • 38k INR surplus - approved for use for 2nd room foundation
      • For 2nd new room - need INR 4 lacs
          • INR 60k community support
          • INR 38k from surplus for 1st room provided by Asha-Austin
      • Additional, 3 lacs needed for the new room
      • No funding partner has come in support of the construction of this new room, yet.
  • Funds utilization report for Apr 2017 to Sept 2017 -
      • Surplus from 2016-17: INR 2.62 lacs for Program, INR -68k for Room
      • Approved budget of INR 12.17 lacs, Disbursement of INR 10.17 lacs for 2017-18
      • INR 4.4 lacs used in the first half of the year, teacher salaries for June 2017 hasn't been paid
      • Balance as per budget to be used in second half of the year: INR 7.5 lacs, which is unlikely
      • INR 3.38 surplus from first -half, disbursement of INR 4.1 lacs sufficient for program, while approval of budget is for INR 5.1 lacs
          • If we were to disburse, INR 4.1 lacs for program, INR 1 lac for room now (at the level of approved budget), construction can start immediately
          • If the surplus from 2017-18 be around INR 2 lacs, it can be repurposed to take care of the balance construction cost of the new room with chapter approval (March 2018 timeframe)
          • What happens if there is indeed NO surplus?
  • Q & A from Annual review
  • Questions:
      • Does the school provide food for the children?
      • Learn more on the growth monitoring model
      • What about providing fruits for the children (malnourished, growth monitoring index)?

Action items

  • Rangakrishnan Srinivasan - follow up on the comments from the Voting and Mid-Year Review for KWS
  • Mohit Sood - follow up on growth monitoring of children for GSK Girirajpura
  • Mohit Sood - come up with proposal for 2nd disbursement for GSK Girirajpura - INR 4.1 lacs vs INR 5.1 lacs vs picking up 2nd room construction with anticipated surplus

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