AttendeesMohit, Raga, Sowmya, Ranga, Savitha

  1. Cuddalore Disaster Relief - Update (Savitha and Sowmya)
    1. Savitha gave an update on the on-going relief effort. 
    2. She was earlier planning to visit but due to torrential rains and floods in Chennai, she had to cancel her plans 
    3. She has been in touch with Siddamma's son in law who has been sending her updates related to relief activities 
    4. Due to rains and floods a lot of Irula families were displaced. Their huts were washed away. 
    5. Siddamma used the money for providing 
      1. tarps to provide cover from rains on their temporary sheds 
      2. arranged cooked food for families through vendors
      3. bedsheets
      4. 10-12 solar lamps
    6. She is currently meeting with the government, representing Irula community so that they can get permanent housing for the Irula families. 
    7. Savitha shared pictures on Whatsapp with Asha Austin volunteers. Sowmya will be putting together some pictures to post on our website. 
    8. We talked about need for clean water 
      1. Savitha said that hunger and shelter were a bigger problem 
      2. Water is available, possibly not clean but people are not asking for clean water because they already feel too obliged to receive all they have. They do not want to ask for more. 
    9. We also talked about disaster planning 
    10. We also confirmed from Savitha that Siddamma used some of money on buying 10-12 Solar lamps because children and adults were being bitten by snakes and these lamps helped them walk around in the night. 
    11. The solar lamps were bought from Savitha's company Orora Global. The lamps are portable and waterproof. 
    12. We approved this in the last meeting (in Savitha's absence)
    13. She is currently planning a fundraiser where she plans to donate more solar lamps to the families. If Asha is not comfortable with the transaction, she can cover that through her own fundraiser. 
    14. All volunteers are comfortable with it. We will check with Central treasury team
    15. Once Siddamma will come back she will send more updates. 
    16. There are some coastal families who lost their fishing nets, etc. Siddamma might send a proposal out for those families. 
  2. Proposal on Past Asha Austin projects - Ranga
    1. Proposal Link
    2. We talked about past projects and possibility of bringing them back and proposing them to Big 4 Chapters - Seattle, NY, NJ, & SV
    3. Ranga is planning to lead the effort on this. 
    4. We can discuss this in more detail in the next meeting. 
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