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10 minWAH updateArvind Rao
10 minSOH updateSubra Nathan


20 min

Asha-wide town hall notesVandana Mallempati
Asha Chicago collaborated with 7 Booth MBA students and implemented their recommendations. Some of the recommendations looked good on paper but were harder to implement. 
Recruitment what worked/works
    - element of luck: people just reach out since they are involved in college or were involved previously
    - starting with warm intro - go to existing volunteers and ask for family or friends since Indian community have good network
    - corporate outreach - can involve the companies' HR and try to spread the word
    - recent grads since many of them are highly motivated and involved in student orgs in colleges
    - reach out to folks who come from India on a dependent visas (mainly women in early 20s or 30s who have a degree from India)
Retention (retention problem could arise due to org's lack of interest due to lack of leadership or focus)
   - completely flatening structure helped
   - respond within 24 hr of a volunteer contacting the chapter with offer to help
   - and first interaction is done in person and instead of explaining what Asha does look for what they are interested in
   - not get stuck into position and instead have a task list which is basically a laundry list of things that need to be done in the           spreadsheet. 
Questions asked by other Asha chapter leaders/coordinators
   - how to get short term volunteers?
- NHS kids 
- have some volunteers on the bench
   - how to rotate volunteers who get burned out?
- Have them take a mentorship role. 
- multiple people to handle the same position and give them high value projects
- make sure they are involved in every aspect of the chapter
  - how to make sure folks attend the meetings?
- Have a regular scheduled meetings - a weekly project checkin mtg and biweekly chapter checkin mtg
- force the project side folks to be involved in fundraising too since the fund raising is being done for their projects
- align the fund raising person to a project
  - how to setup a mentorship project and how to setup short term volunteers?
  - Mentorship - bring someone else and provided task guidance. When recruiting then make sure they are there for a year and if they have to leave then the new person is trained and have clear docs to clearly describe roles and expectations.
  - Task list - definitely imp to have good docs and spreadsheets with tasks to be done, ex - one is getting raw data from projects sitting on the goolge drive and take them and organize them and put them on FB or website, fundraising and outreach - reach out to temples and orgs and list of contacts and work with them to collect funds. 
 - how to say that folks need to be committed for a year? 
 - there is no written agreement but just outline the expectations
 - Is there a process in place for stewardship role???Any training material??
20 minKWS Annual Report 2016-17Rangakrishnan Srinivasan

Annual Report

We went over the annual report for KWS (2016-17)

Action items


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