Venue: Ronald McDonald House of Charity

Attendees: Mohit, Ranga, Arun, Sowmya



Report on Siddama's fellowship activities

  • Work with Irulas 
  • Cyclone Vardah relief work (damage to organic farm)
  • Attended Sarpam leaders meeting (Dec 2016)
  • Attended conference in Manila, Philippines on human rights violations during relief work 
  • Going forward, attempt to do quarterly updates on fellowship work 


ARC 2017 Proposal Discussion

Default option for donations to be local chapter rather than general fund

  • Our preference would be to adopt Abhyuday's proposal to - where possible - make the donor mandatorily pick destination for donation (GF or local chapters) rather than using zip codes to automatically route donation to the local chapter. If it's not possible to do this for technical reasons, continue to default to the GF being the destination. 

Changes to Asha Fellowship Program

  • INR 25k strictly a personal stipend, no accounting required; additional (up to) INR 25k for project expenses (stationary, travel etc)  - proposed
  • Sowmya to talk to Siddama to get feedback on extent of project expenses 
  • Feedback requested on how much of the proposal document is new (original is from 2011)

KWS site visit report

  • Visit on March 1 by Ranga and Sneha
  • Guptaji and Vijay Pal (director of administration) were there - Rupali and Rakesh J. were not available
  • 90 beneficiaries, about 30 kids on need-based scholarships 
  • About INR 8k per child in expenses, fees about INR 1.5k (minimum payment of INR 50)
    • Deficit is made up from annual fundraising efforts
  • Classrooms with assistive technologies and classes in place 
    • 2x the size with expansion
    • 10-12 kids, 2 teachers, 1-2 assistants
    • students have chairs with names written, wear uniforms, bring lunch from home
  • Videos used with kids are from the UK, something kids don't particularly relate to
    • Suggestion from Ranga to try and source videos locally 
  • Discussion on issues during adolescence, and sterilization recommendation for severely disabled individuals
    • KWS counsels parents, not always easy to communicate these issues
  • Students with widely varying levels of mental / multiple disabilities
    • Cerebral palsy (childbirth, congenital, injury, meningitis)

    • Autism (sensory and therapeutic)

    • Major disabilities with IQ < 30 (not testable)

  • Prevocational training and dance class

    • Music and dance looked forward to by kids

    • Yoga everyday a popular activity

    • More important than academic curriculum

  • Occupational therapy (daily activities training) and physiotherapy (daily activity for stiff limbs) available full-time (8-4pm)
  • Kitchen and cafeteria

    • Life skills and navigation in kitchen 

  • Discussion on what happens to students older than 18, once they leave KWS
    • Lower life expectancy ~ 30-35 years due to infections, lung capacity, etc

    • Tentative proposal from Guptaji for a sheltered home for 18+ alumni
      • Estimated cost of INR 10 crores
      • (Touch base with Asha SV regarding this proposal)
    • Plan to follow up on alumni
  • Vocational training

    • Bubble wrap cutting (commercial)

    • Tailoring, not proving effective
    • Petals and hold colors (with NGO)

  • On-premises gift store
    • merchandise made by other NGOs and sold under KWS

    • also sold at corporate stalls
  • Night school proposal
    • So students may learn to stay on their own

  • Health insurance
    • Group insurance for staff
    • INR 250/year for students, parents pay
  • KWS helps obtain disability certificates for students
    • This allows for government stipends, IT relief, training, jobs, etc down the road
  • Orientation for parents

    • Per KWS staff, "inclusive" schools are fashionable but not practical except when the disability is primarily physical or (if mental) mild in nature
  • ONGC support
    • INR 3.75 lakhs support, more on the way 
    • 19 kids supported
  • KWS endowments
    • 5 endowments of INR 2 lakhs each (corpus, only interest may be used)



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