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2 hrsKWS Annual Review, Budget and Proposal for 2017-18 (Part 2)Ranga
  • 1. Ranga reviewed the update slides 

    2. School activities over the year 2016-17, varied competitions related to arts + music + dance + sports

    3. Medical camps - vision + dental + neurological + orthopedic + referrals to hospitals

    4. Disability certificates and health insurances for children - premium and how to get it?

    5. Restricted vs. non-restricted funding and accounting practices of KWS - non-overlap of funds.

    6. Usually non-restricted funding >>>> restricted funding, can be used for programs as needed to cover deficits after restricted funding first utilized, can be transferred to reserves only if unrestricted.

    7. Asha-Austin’s restricted funding towards teacher salaries + KWS SAC fundraising + Corpus funds + Corpus funds for building are the forms of restricted funds obtained by KWS

    8. The total cost per child is arrived at total operational expense (includes salaries of all staff incl. driver, gardener, guard, etc., utilities, water, electricity, etc.) minus the known restricted funds. Whatever deficit is needed comes from the unrestricted funds raised.

    9. KWS has a limit on restricted funds for the year, and in the event, limits reached, KWS gets back to its donors to change to unrestricted or give back the donation. (never happened till now)

    10. Corpus funds are mainly through endowments for one-time donations and only interest income can be used for operational expenses

    11. KWS recognizes the short-term nature of funding from high-value donors and is improving its fundraising model to be more distributed to gain more good-will amongst the community and its donors, small amounts make a big amount philosophy

    12. Reviewed donor list of 2016-17 with a few high-value donors and larger pool of smaller donations

    13. New fundraising model developed for 2016-17, with Rakeshji spearheading the initiative

    14. Reviewed Funds utilization report for 2016-17

    15. Reviewed staff allocations along with salary structure + operational expenses for 2017-18

    16. Reviewed staff on roll with their designations and organic growth over the years from their staff allocations list

    17. Reviewed operational expenses over the years from audit reports

    18. Reviewed corpus funds and corpus funds for building details over the years from audit reports

    19. All of the proposed infrastructure expansion completed, class rooms at 2x the size, new class rooms for arts, music, dance, new labs, etc.

    20. Two site visits last year, Mohit - Nov 2016, Ranga - Mar 2017.

    21. Staff salaries of new initiatives increased by 10.4% for 2017-18, Ranga proposed funding amount of 11.2 lacs to be disbursed in two installments (now for Apr to Oct 2017, and second from Nov 2017 to March 2018)

    22. Overcome the shortfall or need from the turnover of resource mobilization by Rakeshji stepping on to the role

    23. Previously designated psychologist has quit, and a new hiring need for audiometry lab

    24. Audiometry lab staff salaries at ~32 lacs, dedicated personnel with know-how to handle sophisticated labs and equipments

    25. Currently, Asha-Austin’s support is ~10% of operating expenses and ~80% of their staff of new initiatives teachers. This year, it will be ~8% and ~68% respectively. Well within our desired model of not being the main funding partner.

    26. Reviewed Asha-Austin checklist and template 

    27. Ranga to set up online vote for approval of funding for 2017-18

    28. AI: % of funding KWS obtained through its own SAC for 2016-17

    29. AI: Explain clearly the increase in operational expenses due to increased staff strength and new initiatives and higher quality of care for the children through KWS’s holistic programs.

    30. AI: Learn more about how KWS engages to solicit donations

45 minMathru Budget and Proposal for 2017-18 (Part 1)Arvind

Number of kids have increased this year from 12 to 17 kids

1. Presented updates where kids participated in various Sports and Competitions

2. 6.5 lacs was raised from event/competition by Mathru foundation locally in Bangalore.

3. Need to ask Malathiji if she is ok with showing surgery pictures.

4. Milaap foundation did a promotional video for Mathru foundation which is going to be used for WAH publicity.

5. Need to ask Malathiji about the breakup of 75k - donors - type of donation - restricted vs. unrestricted.

6. Had a discussion about Surgeries for the kids, how often are these surgeries, and checkups.Typically there is an initial surgery after checkup, but multiple surgeries are possible depending on the complexity.

7. 3 kids had surgery last year.

8. Discussion on budget: Breakup of 6000 per kid per month : 3000 for food, 1500 -> education, 1500 -> medical

9. Budget discussion: Staff salaries as per Fund utilization

10. Follow-up with Malathiji: Request for Audit report for 2016-17 for previous year

11. Budget discussion: Breakup needed of salaries - 49.5k .

12. Who are the new staff this time? 2 Physiotherapists + 1 more helper

13. Discussion about the need for us to 'Review of Audit Reports' so that we get a sense of annual operating plan for Mathru.

14. Question on Surgery: Is Rs.1500 enough? How expensive are these surgeries.

15. Budget discussion: 75k per month for this year in recurring donations with 55k stable. Total at 1.71 lacs per month. Shortfall 95k which is where 'asha for education' will pitch in.

16. What is 1500 for education? PU college might be more expensive. Need to know rough costs for college education vs govt. school expenses.

17. When is the next set of new students expected? Malathiji was expecting new students early August. Have any new kids joined?

18. Discussion about space in Mathru. Currently, second floor not used much. Over time Malathiji has plans to have girl children in separate floor.

19. Continuing discussion about the building: 1st floor - using actively, 2nd floor - not used much; 3rd floor - open for now.

20. Question on whether new staff planning to stay there?

21. Discussion on what is provided at the foundation: breakfast - lunch - dinner - evening snacks

22. Kids take lunch to school.

23. Driver drops them - mornings and evenings, most of them not too far away

24. Discussion about how far are the schools in the new building. During my site visit malathiji said the schools are nearby 

25. how often do their parents visit them? - some come and not all of them come.

26. kid with cerebral palsy + spastic - government school - are they ok because they need special care. Malathiji (during my site visit mentioned) believes that she doesn’t want the kids to go special school as she doesn't want them to feel different. 

27. Question: There is a mix of disabilities - physical and mental. How sensitized are the kids to each others needs?

29. Discussion on some kids going to Indus International Community School . Couple of kids with Cerebral palsy are going to this school. Is this school specific to disabilities, looking at the website shows it is not specific for disabilities . So, are the kids with Cerebral palsy doing ok?

30. Discussion about calling the community school and ensure kids are going to these schools.

31. nominate online for WAH 2017 - online vote - quorum needed


Action items

  • @Rangakrishnan Srinivasan (online poll for voting of KWS for approval of funding for 2017-18)
  • Online Vote : Approve Rs. 11.26 Lakhs as budget for 2017-18 from April 2017 to March 2018. This will be disbursed in two equal installments (April to September 2017) and (October to March 2018). The funding will cover ~68% of the salaries of new initiatives staff - namely, the music teacher, dance teacher, yoga teacher, computer teacher, pottery instructor, occupational therapist, speech therapist and physiotherapist.

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