• Discuss and vote on Girirajpura school proposal
  • Update on Team Asha/Strides of Hope program progress and get buy-in for replacing Credit card based commitment with good-faith commitment
  • Present Fund utilization for Mathru

Discussion items

45 min
  1. GSK-Girirajpura
Mohit Sood
  • Mohit presented proposal for Girirajpura school - link. Proposal includes
    • organizational updates
    • school updates
    • room construction progress including pictures
    • fund utilization for 2016-17
    • Proposal for 2017-18 including Budget
  • Voting will be online : Approve Rs. 12.17 Lakhs as budget for 2017-18. After accounting for carry-forward of about Rs 2 lakhs, we will send Rs. 10.17 Lakhs in two installments this year
  • Questions not gating vote and disbursal :
    • Does GSK have a corpus fund ?
    • GSK organizational budget is Rs. 2.97crores while their have requested Rs. 2.4 crores from funding partners. How do they plan to fundraise the rest ?
15 min2. Mathru foundationArvind Rao
  • Arvind shared a preliminary fund utilization report - link
  • Out of the budget for last year, a fraction was spent towards educational expenses. Likely because we did not send funds in first half, which is when school fees is deposited.
  • Staff salaries were fully utilized, in fact went a little over
  • Home expenses were not fully utilized. Spent Rs. 27k/month vs Rs. 37k/month allocated
  • He is still working with Malathi to get budget and answers on utlization
15 min

3. Team Asha / Strides of Hope

Mohit Sood
  • We have 5-6 past runners who have signed up as Coaches/Mentors
  • We have 4 Info Sessions scheduled in 3rd week of August
  • We have website ready to go -
  • Planning to keep a nominal fee for registration. Proposal right now is $50. This fee is to cover program expenses : Asha T-shirt, Water stops, food, etc. Subra Nathan will give a breakdown of the estimate. We will have this as a separate Channel ID to keep track of amount raised through registration.
  • Event ID is created. Channel ID for registration is also created.
  • We plan not to ask for Credit Card information for commitment. It has made new runners uncomfortable. We have to take care of managing CC information. We would like to encourage runners who have not met their target to find other ways of raising funds or helping Asha.

Action items

  • Mohit Sood to setup online vote since we have only 3 attendees today: 
  • Mohit Sood to get answers to questions
  • Arvind Rao to get more details on Mathru and present a proposal 

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