Attendees : Arun, Ranga, Mohit & Sowmya

Girirajpura school, GSK, 2nd Disbursal update & proposal for additional one time funding - Mohit

  1. Project website -
  2. GSK Report from April to Sept 2016 -
  3. Updates from Girirajpura school  
    1. Has the PT teacher started ?  
      1. Yes, started.
    2. How was the harvest ?   
      1. It’s been better this time. For bajra they have been able to harvest about 75 % of what they expected. They have also grown some pulses. Rabi sowing has begun well. They hope that they the crop will be good. The germination has been good.
    3. You mentioned that another community is going to relocate around this time.  Have they relocated ?
      1. One more new community relocated from Kalibhat
    4. Have you found support for the additional room ?  
      1. Not yet. We have followed up with the forest department. Efforts are on. The village community also visited Delhi and met with the Inspector General of the National Tiger Conservation Authority. They have made direct connect and have been explained the situation. The village community is now going to Jaipur to meet the Chief Wildlife Warden. The pressure is being built up.
    5. We also have a new team member from the Indian Institute of Forest Management who has joined us and is learning to be a teacher and helping the community development process in the village. She is also helping the community with their work with the forest department.
  4. Get following details of staff, students, and SMC committee members - 
    1. Names of staff, their salary, start date with school, %time at the school. 
    2. Names of all students, age, and gender for each class
    3. Names of SMC (School Management committee) members and their contacts
    4. Documented here -
  5. Get fund utilization report for 1st disbursal from April to Nov 2016 (8 months)
    1. 2016 Budget -
    2. Funds sent in Sept 2016  (1st disbursal) = Rs. 5,02,000 
    3. Funds carryover from 2015 to 2016 = Rs.1,54,343
    4. Would like to highlight line items Asha Austin is supporting and amount that has been spent so far.
    5. Documented here -
  6. Proposal for additional one time support towards proposed line items in the Budget 
    1. 2016 Budget -
      1. 2nd column represents what GSK had originally requested. 
      2. 1st column was what we had approved for 2016 before 1st disbursal. Total was ~ Rs.9.9 lakhs. There was about 1.53lakhs of carryover from last year.   
    2. For additional one time funding, we have 3 options to discuss and approve 
      1. Option 1 - Staff cost (Community Coordinator and Accounts Manager), Consultant, Documentation, and External evaluation - sums up to ~Rs. 1.69 lakhs
      2. Option 2 - Vistaar program for 4 government schools in the neighborhood - sums up to ~ Rs. 1.34 Lakhs
      3. Option 3 - Cost of construction of 1 room - Rs. 3.5 lakhs - Support 1.75 lakhs this year and fund the rest early next year - 
    3. Volunteers felt more enthusiastic about supporting the construction cost of the room, since community has relocated and they would be in need of a room for additional children. 
    4. Vote : Approve remaining Rs. 3.34 lakhs of the original proposed budget and additional Rs. 1.75 lakhs for construction of additional room with remaining Rs. 1.75 lakhs to be sent early next year 
      1. Yes - 4
      2. No - 0
      3. Abstain - 0
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