Attendees : Arvind Rao, Ranga Srinivasan, Mohit Sood

Siddamma Fellowship vote - results

  1. We had set an online vote to approve Siddamma Fellowship for 2016.
  2. Volunteers who voted
    1. Sowmya Suryanarayanan
    2. Rangakrishnan Srinivasan
    3. Mohit Sood
    4. Arvind Rao
    5. Raga Chandra
  3. Online Voting Results : Approve Rs 300,000 for Siddamma Fellowship
    1. Yes - 5 
    2. No - 0
    3. Abstain - 0
  4. Action item : Start Checklist for sending fellowship funds to Siddamma. 

Girirajpura school, GSK update - Mohit

  1. GSK funding 
    1. In 2015, Helsley foundation withdrew their funding support for GSK due to their personal reasons. This created a huge shortfall since they were supporting Jaganpura school. 
    2. This crisis was partly met by the WCT (Widlife Conservation Fund) willing to allocate part of the Vistaar funds that it had committed to them to the operations of the Jaganpura School. They were also been helped by a generous philanthropist Mr. Ramesh Kacholia an industrialist from Mumbai who has given them Rs 10.25 lakhs from his own funds to meet the shortfall for 2015.

    3. For 2016 and forward, GSK team put up a really good effort and they were able to get financial support from few organizations.
    4. Ashoka Foundation (New Partner): 
      1. Ashoka Foundation is synonymous with Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative ideas for the “world’s toughest problems” is a very prestigious platform to be on and exposes one to a wide variety of learning and opportunities
      2. In 2015, the foundation went through a rigorous process of evaluating and understanding GSK's work and recognized Uday Pathshala, Jaganpura as a one of the 14 Changemaker Schools for year 2015.
      3. The recognition also came with a grant. It also provided a great platform to network with other organizations such as Porticus.
    5. Porticus  (New Partner)
      1.  GSK was approached by Porticus the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  facilitator for the C&A Foundation. C&A is a large readymade cloting brand popular in Europe. They visited GSK January 2016 and have granted them funding of 48 lakhs for 2016. 
    6. HT Parikh Foundation (New Partner)

      1. HT Parekh Foundation is CSR arm of HDFC Bank. They awarded GSK a grant of Rs 30 Lakhs for 2016. This will be towards the operational costs of the organisation. 

    7. Yatra Foundation, Vibha, WCT (Widlife Conservation Fund) - Existing Partners

      1. Yatra foundation have been supporting school at Faria for some time now. 

      2. Vibha has been supporting school at Bodal and also Vistaar effort for GSK. 

      3. WCT has supported Vistaar programme with Vibha in 2015. 

    8. GSK also has approached and continue to approach several organizations like Azim Premji Foundation, Jindal Foundation, Tata Trust in a continued effort to sustain and grow themselves.

  2. GSK organizational updates

    1. Adolescent Girl's programme
      1. Focus on Girls who are dropping out after Class 8 due to various reasons - financial, family pressure, unable to cope up with studies, etc. 
      2. They plan to work with a group of 20 girls and help them get through all the issues all the way to senior secondary school.
      3. They plan to utilize the money through from Ashoka foundation for this effort. 
    2. Hiring 3 new graduates 
      1. 2 MBA Graduates have joined from IRMA (Institute for Rural Management Anand), Gujrat. Both have interned before with GSK. They plan to work on crowd sourcing – linking up with friends to broad base the funding of the organisation and make it more resilient
      2. Another Graduate from Delhi University would also be joining. 
    3. 2 volunteers from Clinton Foundation would be spending 10 months starting September with Gramin Shiksha Kendra
      1. They plan to study history of the organization and curriculum. Document their learnings into modules for teachers to use. 
    4. Budgets - GSK has moved to doing Global Budgeting so that all partners have organizational level visibility. 
      1. Global Budget - under progress
    5. FCRA - FCRA expired April 30th 2016. GSK applied for FCRA renewal and they have it with them
    6. Annual Audit Report - The financial audit report will be published soon in a couple of weeks. 
  3. Girirajpura School updates 
    1. GSK provided a detailed report on Girirajpura School activities - link
    2. Budget for 2015 - link 
    3. Funds utilized for 2015 - link
    4. For 2015, we had approved Rs. 824040. GSK was able to utilize Rs. 669,657. We plan to apply the remaining funds for 2016. 
    5. For 2016, GSK provided a global budget - link. Total requested amount is Rs.1,642,000. This is significantly higher than 2015. The budget was discussed and explained in detail.
    6. New budget items 
      1. Programme Executive - As mentioned above, two new MBA graduates from IRMA are joining GSK. 50% of their salary is provided by GSK and 50% is covered by IRMA. 
      2. Physical Training Instructor - GSK is going to hire a PTI starting Sept. So they are asking for 6 months of PTI salary. The instructor would be a permanent addition to the school. 
      3. Vistaar programme for Girirajpura - There are 4 neighboring schools. They would like to expand Vistaar to Girirajpura this year. 
      4. Construction of 1 new room - Land is being cleared to relocate a new community to this village. They will relocate after harvesting summer crop - around October. 
      5. Documentation - They plan to hire Savdhan OR Best Practices foundation to help them document history of the organization. This ends up being a film, modules, etc. to shares with teachers or partners
      6. External Evaluation - They plan to bring in Vimala Ramachandran, an expert on education to help them evaluate their work, identify shortfalls and places to improve. This is done every 3-4 years. 
    7. Line items that were not supported by Asha Austin before but are requested this year
      1. Community Coordinator, Accounts Manager
    8. Site visit 
      1. Naheed from Asha Danbury is planning to visit Girirajpura in August 2016. Mohit is working with her to help her plan her visit. 
    9.  Feedback/Questions from volunteers
      1. The budget has increased from Rs. 8.24 lakhs to Rs. 16.42 lakhs. Asha Austin may not be able to support the entire amount since we are planning to add another project this year.  
      2. Since our original commitment was for 3 years with min amount of $6k, we need to work with GSK in getting another organization involved in Girirajpura school so that another organization can eventually take up support of the school. (Action item)
      3. The new project partner could help in construction of new room, sponsoring of vistaar programme this year and help in sponsoring additional students next year. 
      4. We also need to understand Asha SV's plan. Maybe they could help with additional amount.(Action item)
      5. Look into proposing GSK in WAH program this year to get support for additional amount.(Action item)
      6. On fund utilization
        1. Why is teacher's salary varying from month to month ? 
        2. What is the reason for bump in teacher's salary in Mar 2016 ?
        3. The utilization for school library/books is 56% and travel is 20%. What was the reason for this ?
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