Attendees : Sowmya, Mohit, Ranga 

Status on Girirajpura School  (Mohit)

  1. We have only received fund utlization report so far
  2. Waiting on Audit report, Annual report and school specific report + school budget to present our Annual project update at Chapter level. 
  3. Volunteers from Asha Danbury may visit GSK when they are in Rajasthan. Looking forward to them doing a site visit

Status on KWS Proposal to SF Chapter  (Ranga)

  1. SF Chapter received several proposals. They could not fund KWS due to lack of resources. 
  2. They did mention they had several good proposals. 
  3. We can get info of NGOs who applied to SF chapter and invite them for our contest as well.  

ARC - Cycle  1 + Asha-wide Elections (Mohit)

  1. Mohit had sent out an email to everyone with link for Voting. Deadline is today, May 15th.
  2. If we need to discuss anything we can schedule a meeting before 20th.  
  3. We will collect votes from all volunteers at Chapter level and then send as one Chapter vote by May 20th.

Bharathi Trust - Cuddalore Relief effort

  1. Sowmya presented fund utlization report sent by Sidamma. 
  2. Questions on the report -
    1. Can we get some details on the "provisions" line item ?
    2. Can we get quantity for each line item ?
    3. How is transportation different from travel ?
    4. How many families were helped ?
    5. Can we get receipts if they are available ?
  3. Other Questions
    1. How much was the govt. involved with helping the families ? 
      • Ans: Govt. gave Rs. 4000. They also provided land for the rehab, where Sidamma is currently trying to get huts built with Asha Purdue's help.
    2. What is long term plan to reduce the damage and impact of floods ? 
      • Ans : Unfortunately no funds/resources are available to prevent future catastrophes
    3. Did any other NGO come and help in this specific community/area in Cuddalore - AID, local govt ? 
      • Ans : Orora Global was providing solar lamps, local religious entities were also helping. 
  4. Action item : Upload these documents on project webpage
    1. Fund utilization report
    2. Q&A on utlization report
    3. Pictures from relief effort
    4. Site visit report - Sowmya  

Sidamma Fellowship Annual update (Sowmya)

  1. Sidamma was invited to New Delhi to be part of the Bonded Labor Meeting. These meetings are held to improve the Bonded Labor Act. Her suggestions were

    1. To arrest the people who carry out the heinous crime of bonded labor.

    2. Government to give Rs. 1 Lakh to bonded labor
    3. Give 2 acres of land to each victim of bonded labor
  2. Sidamma attended the Unorganized Workers Federation (UOUF) meeting in Chitradurga, Karnataka.

    1. She is an advisor to the UOUF.
    2. UOUF is a membership based union that meets regularly to promote workers’ rights
    3. educate workers on government schemes and
    4. control human rights abuse.
  3. Agricultural meeting held at the Bharathi Resource Center Organic Farm.
    1. Sidamma gave seeds to farmers, taught them how to cultivate “pure jasmine” rice variety. The farmers owe her about 4 kg of seeds.

  4. She also held a Community level Irula Meeting in September 2015.
  5. Sidamma was heavily involved in Cuddalore Flood Relief Work in Nov/Dec 2015. Asha Austin was able to send Rs 7.73 lakhs for the Cuddalore flood relief work.

  6. Sidamma and her team helped distribute rice, daal, cooking oil, bed sheets, tarpaulin and solar lights to 520 Irula Families

  7. The release of water from the Poondi Reservoir washed away 300 Irula families in Thirukamalam. These families were rushed to the upper area. The government did not recognize these families and no support was provided to them. Sidamma arranged for a meeting with government officers, and tahsildar and it was finally decided that each family would be given Rs 5,000 as immediate relief.

  8. Sidamma was interviewed on Makkal TV regarding the work she has done for the Irulas. This has been broadcast over 3 episodes

    1. Segment 1:
    2. Segment 2:
    3. Segment 3:
  9. Sidamma had a meeting with many of the government leaders to bring to attention many of the flood affected areas that had not been recognized by the government. 1000 kg of rice, 250 kg of dal and 200 kg of oil were donated by Vivekananda College to some of these families.

  10. 80 families in Kamarajnagar lost their boats. Sidamma helped provide food to these families. A religious person (Thilak) said he would donate one boat per family to 10 families.

  11. Sidamma is using the funds sent by Prasoon at Asha Purdue to build huts for 100 families at Korakka Pettai, Venkatapuram, and Pudu Keechalam. Activities are on hold due to election and are expected to begin after May 14 th , 2016.

  12. Bharathi Trust Farm has been adversely affected by the recent floods. The cow shed broke and two of the cows died. Sidamma is currently preparing the land to sow seeds again.

  1. Question : What will be her focus this year ? 
  2. Answer :
    1. Continue flood rehab work. She got 5 acres of land. She is helping build houses with Asha Purdue's help. 
    2. Bharathi Trust Organic Resource Center was affected with floods. 
    3. Continue on Bond laborer issue
  3. Action items 
    1. Upload the document on Fellowship page 
    2. Add video links to FB and Fellowship page. 
    3. Mohit will send online vote for Siddamma Fellowship


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